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004 ♕ non-disastrous date attempt number one [backdated]
| *insert sarah maclachlan music*
loisfuckinglane wrote in paradisa
[She reminds herself multiple times while she's getting ready that it's not a date.  The word had just been bandied about in a teasing ironic sort of way.  It's just dinner between two co-workers and friends (she's safe in using that word, isn't she?), and there are no expectations or extra layers being crammed on top of it.

Still, she takes an awful lot of time getting ready and putting herself together, before squaring her shoulders in a mirror and chastising herself for making such a big deal out of this.]

Get it together, Lane.

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[As confidently as he'd like to believe this is a date-date and not just a friends-date, the doubt lingers in him, too, though he tends to err on the positive side of things. Lois would have brushed him off if it wasn't, right? Lois would have been too obvious. She would have teased him.

He's combed his hair, put on freshly pressed trousers and a collared shirt. Casual but formal, or you'd call it. Business casual, he supposes, but obviously not intended for business.

Whatever's not flannel.

Knock knock, Miss Lane.]

[Oh, please don't let him have heard her monologuing, is all she can think at first. Deep breath now.

She pulls open the door, and is relieved that her own attire seems to have matched his on the casual-formal scale. Her hands smooth down the front of her pencil skirt, as she takes a moment to size him up, not quite as subtly as she was angling for.]

Right on time. Ten points for punctuality. Wasn't sure that was your strong suit.

That's because I don't have to drive anywhere here. [A smile tugs at his lips.] You look amazing.

Well, I hate to disappoint.

[An expression which gets mirrored on her lips as well.] Not doing too bad yourself, Smallville. Glad to see all this time here dressing yourself hasn't ended too disastrously for you.

No kidding, especially when there are lots of people here who still wear chainmail, leather and lots of belts and zippers.

[Even Clark can tell that's not exactly fashion-forward.]

You ready?

[Look, she knows some guys from back home who like going around wearing leather armor. As much as she wants to talk, she really can't.]

As I'll ever be. [With a slightly more nervous grin, she steps past him into the hall.]

[He holds the door open for her, and closes it behind them.]

Are we just going downstairs, or someplace in town?

I don't know about you, but I could probably use some fresh air.

Sounds fair.

[Stairs we go, seeing as there's no point in taking the elevator from floor three.]

I haven't been out to the town in a bit.

[Plus, it'll keep you in shape, Clar-- oh wait.]

No? Something been keeping you tied up around here?

Farming season is slowing up so I haven't needed to help out on the farms as often and walking the dogs doesn't usually take me that far, as Krypto is a pain in crowds.


I still feel sorry for that dog.

That opposed to the name? I think he likes it.

He told you that, did he? Are you the Dog Whisperer now?

He answers to it. And he's a pretty angry dog sometimes. I think I'd get mauled if he didn't really like it.

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