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paradisa wedding bells - part 2/2
lovingguide wrote in paradisa

[The wedding is over, the vows have been said, and everyone has adjourned to the wonderful reception area for a night of fun, drinks and dancing.

There are tables lined with food of all sorts, and places to sit and enjoy... there's a bar, once more provided by Caritas, and a huge wedding cake. There's also a dancing floor... and a band made with those multi-talented ghosts.]

[ooc: Please wait for the sections to go up. ALL DONE! OPEN TO ALL! As of last time, please go CR MENTAL and threadjack one another like wild people...]

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[Lorne's here, offering delicious booze which is ALL FREE. Hmmm free booze]

[He's remembering a little incident at Chloe's engagement party.

Subtly steering Lois in other direction now.]

[Subtlety is lost on Lois Lane.

With a big plastic smile plastered on her face, because oh god, weddings, she still has PTSD, why did she agree to this:]

Clark, I think I need some kind of liquid refreshment in my system, stat. You want anything?


[Oh lord.]

Sure, I'll have a drink.

Great! Be right back. [And she flounces so quickly that there's no changing her mind, because she's on to you, Smallville.

She sliiiides up to the bar.]

[Yay, Lorne has a customer. Hi Lois, have a BRIGHT smile]

Well, hi there, Cupcake, what can I get you?

[Clark follows, hands in his suit jacket's pockets. Here we go...]

[Everything, Lorne. Everything.]

Something stiff for me and [a glance back at her escort] something a little more traditional for the orange belt, how about?

[Puddle will just set up residence here, content with drinking from his flask and watching the happy couples dance.]

[Hi Puddle]

Enjoying the evening, Peaches?

[the nickname pulls a grimace from him, but he simply takes another drink from his flask before looking up] Well, no one's gone and made too big a fool of themselves yet, so I suppose it's an alright night. Still, it's probably only a matter of time.

It's a wedding, Honey. I'm just waiting for the conga to kick in, then we know the people making fools of themselves is gonna really happen.

[he has no idea what that is, but it fits his prediction so he'll just nod] a shame... be a pity to ruin such a fine idea.

Aww Sweetcakes, it won't ruin the celebration. That kind of grade-A wackiness only makes things more fun.

[arching an eyebrow] I fail to see how playing the fool would be encouraging to the honored couple. Especially in this place where foolishness is so often destructive.

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