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paradisa wedding bells - part 2/2
lovingguide wrote in paradisa

[The wedding is over, the vows have been said, and everyone has adjourned to the wonderful reception area for a night of fun, drinks and dancing.

There are tables lined with food of all sorts, and places to sit and enjoy... there's a bar, once more provided by Caritas, and a huge wedding cake. There's also a dancing floor... and a band made with those multi-talented ghosts.]

[ooc: Please wait for the sections to go up. ALL DONE! OPEN TO ALL! As of last time, please go CR MENTAL and threadjack one another like wild people...]

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[Well, after that best man speech full of happiness and love, Crowley clearly needs to address the balance of making this moment horrifically embarrassing for the bride and groom. So he’ll just stand on his chair and shout ‘OI’ because glass tapping is for pansies]

Marriage is about love and commitment, or in my case, attempted filings for restraining orders. As Ukitake has already covered that vomit enduing part, and quite frankly because I want to, I’m going to talk about something else.
Something for you all to remember while you’re clinking glasses and congratulating them is that in a few hours, they’ll vanish to their room and do what newlyweds have been doing since marriage existed. Namely, banging each other’s brains out. And trust me, these two have waited long enough. I mean, I don’t know what they waited for to be honest. It’s not like the Big Guy has anything against it, if he did, it wouldn’t be so bloody hilarious.

[He grins in Abel and Lilith’s direction]

I’ve left you a packet of condoms, a tub of Vaseline and a copy of the Karma Sutra on your bed, along with a Rampant Rabbit. After all just because Mr. Nightroad fails to perform, doesn’t mean Mrs. Nightroad should have a night without any fun. [He raises his glass] Enjoy popping one another’s eternal cherries.

[Somehow, Newt has attained a facial expression that is a perfect mixture of glaring disapproval, embarrassment, and disbelief.

And it is directed toward none other than Crowley. Thanks for ruining the precious moment there. This perfectly asserts all the reasons why he dislikes you so much.]

[Newt will get a cheerful salute.


[raises her glass in cheers!]

[This would be Caterina disapproving, wondering why anyone let Crowley speak at this, and if he was telling the truth. If he was she should probably have Gunslinger clear out the room before they went in.]


[she knew trouble was coming the instant Crowley, of all people, stood on his chair.

That doesn't keep her from choking on her champagne when he gets to the point of his lovely little speech.

Not really sure whether to laugh or glare, she's just going to cough into a hand and try to catch her breath]

[raises his glass in approval]

[OUTRIGHT LAUGHING. Do none of you people have a sense of humor?!]

[is trying SO HARD not to laugh in shocked/appalled/secondhand embarrassment laughter, and is even surreptitiously thwapping at Amy for not bothering to try herself, because herp derps like Rory and Abel have to look out for each other, because DUDE. He can only IMAGINE how fucking embarrassed Abel is right now.

Except it's really too funny, so he's snorting behind one hand and glancing around at everyone else's reaction]

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