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I shall slay you.
oneasthousand wrote in paradisa
[Anotsu is out somewhere in the forest, training. He is doing so in a somewhat peculiar way: whacking a tree quite hard with a piece of wood, so that leaves come tumbling down, and then swatting at them with his Standard Issue Japanese (TM) sword.

He's been doing this for a while, so he manages to part each of the leaves in half before they hit the ground, and makes a nice sight while doing so, if someone were to come by.

Meanwhile, a few meters away, his journal falls open. It records the quiet swish of his sword through the air, which is audible, but barely. Occasionally, it is accompanied by a huff of breath.

Then, the swishing stops; Anotsu is done with his exercise. He takes a moment to look at his work with satisfaction, then murmurs to himself:]

Still got it, at least. Even if not with the weapon of choice.

(OOC: Open post for action and dictated journaling! Come bother him.)

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[listening to this. it doesn't take her long to figure out what he must be doing; after all, she's witness him doing the very same thing at home, hasn't she?

still honing his skills, even here. of course. that doesn't come as a surprise.

dictated softly.


[He hasn't been counting on that, oh no. So he whirls around -- and you may hear him kicking up some dirt while he's at it -- and promptly discovers the open journal.

He allows himself to sigh.]

What is it?

Not your weapon of choice?

[Oh crap, it recorded that. And of course, she's perceptive enough to pick up on it. Now to somehow... smoothly gloss over it, yes.]

No, but still effective enough.

I'm sure. [moderately sardonic.]

What, you're not already on something new?

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Wouldn't you like to know.

How laughable it would be if you weren't. Maybe this place moves a little too fast for you?


Sorry to disappoint you, but I know better than to be left behind.

Oh, so are you skittering around in the shadows instead?

[Dry laugh.]

You'd be surprised.

[He's familiar with shadow-life, that he is.]

I don't think I'd be very.

[so is Rin, to a degree.]

Ah, isn't that right.

You have more than passing familiarity with the shadows yourself.

[just a pause. you make her so mad >:[ levelly.]

No one needs to have anything to gossip about.


Somehow, I doubt it's much more than they already know.

[/SO TROLLABLE oh lawdy]

Shows how little you know. Some of us have learned to keep some things quiet here.

You can forgive me for not watching your every step, I should think. Especially if I'm not even here.

Oh, what, you can't read?

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