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colorlesschild wrote in paradisa
[Lost, as the castle has condemned him to be, Sora slipped from an unknown room to wander the halls. He wears his Paradisa High sweat jacket over a matching tee, which dangle off his frame like a tent. As he wanders he hugs the journal to his chest and rubs his eyes dazedly with his free hand. His voice is groggy and weak- after all, he had been ill before this growing-up business had reared its ugly head.]

...Is everything over now?

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[Hellooo, Sora. Walking down that same alley happens to be a familiar face.]

[Wah. Practically plastering self against the wall to avoid being seen.]

[No success. :| Anotsu spots him and stops for a moment, not sure he's seen this kid before.]

[Cowering! Also shivering a bit. He inches along the wall nervously.]

[Okay, that is weird.]

What are you cowering on the ground for?

[Says this in a neutral tone.]

I'm not on the ground. I'm against the wall. It's safer.


If you are backed against a wall, you have nowhere to run.

[... I swear he doesn't MEAN to be a dick.]

Predators often lose interest when their prey does not attack back. An easy kill, while desirable in the case of food, isn't in the case of sport.

[Hooo. Looks slightly surprised at the sudden demonstration of knowledge.]

That might well be true for some.

But not all.

[He shrinks, but his voice doesn't tremble, not about this.] In evolution, the weakest links are eliminated.

[Has been reading up on this kind of stuff!]

All the more reason to be strong, no?


And if the genes or body are unfit for the gene pool?

These things are not entirely set in stone. A weak body can still be trained.

But the genes and the deformed body cannot change.

They can't change, but there's a certain range of possibilities for each body. Look at these arms.

[Holds them out.]

They're thin, but I can wield a sword with them as well as anybody.

[Not mentioning how he USED to be able to wield a heavy axe, too.]

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