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Twentieth shot //PARTAY
Unarmoured: Wooo!
girly_laps wrote in paradisa
[Filtered to cool people and away from teachers, and squealers]

[In your journal are directions to a warehouse in town]

BE. THERE. 8:00.

[And if you go, the warehouse is pretty unassuming...until you step in that is. Sister may have hit every branch on the stupid tree when she fell out of it, but the girl knows how to throw a good party ]

[[ooc: Forward dated to 8pm tonight, because timezones are a bugger. SECTIONS ARE UP. Threadjack and mingle to your heart’s content, feel free to put in your own tags if you like]]

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[So for some reason or another, Anotsu decided to show up. He figured it might count as research.

But with that blinding light and the atrocious, loud sounds going on, he's reeeaaally tempted to turn around and walk right back out.]

Hey! You're Wash's roommate, right? You ever get your work done?

[Oho, someone recognized him! ... oh hey it's window climbing girl.]

I did.

[Curiously,] Do you really think it's necessary? I keep wondering what will it matter when everything goes back to normal.

[Oh, so you wanna get in my business. Fine.]

I find myself actually curious about some of the subjects taught at this school.

You do know the library at the castle is is a lot more extensive? It's said to have books from all worlds, not just one.

Of course.

I just find myself having the leisure while waiting this out.

[Not that... he has much to do these days.]


To each their own, I guess. What brought you out here?


Curiosity, I guess.

[And he's already regretting it.]

It's quite a sight, isn't it? [She'll look up at the crazy, oscillating lights for a moment]

[Dubious look at the lights.]

Yes. Quite.

Was there anything like this in your world?

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