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34 ... a crack in the dam
stitchpunk!7 pissed off
brdskllwarrior wrote in paradisa


Hey, do you happen to know where I can get a lot of pizzas? I agreed to bring them to the party Sister's throwing tomorrow. [She adds this page number for reference]


7's Guys

Party tomorrow, anyone?
[This page number]


[Forward dated to a couple hours after curfew]

[HEY! Room E7! There's a tapping at your window ... YES ON THE SECOND FLOOR ... because 7 has somehow climbed up and is now tapping on the glass, not hard or loud, but persistently enough that someone inside is bound to notice at some point. Also, whispering,]

Hey! Washington! Wash! You awake in there?

[And then much later, at a very odd hour of the morning, pretending Mun didn't fail so hard for forgetting,]


[Written, because she knows it's early,]

Hey, that Loss that I didn't know I was on? I'm off it, now. Really. [PLEASE let ust never speak of this again SO EMBARRASSED you have no idea]


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[Is trying to WORK here, okay.

Looks at the window in annoyance.]

Go away.

[Pauses, and then continues tapping, UNDETERRED. She's stubborn, yo]

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[Tries to focus on work and IGNORE her, but finally sighs and briskly sets his papers down.

Goes over to the window, a cold and annoyed look on his face.]

What do you want?

[So casual, as if it doesn't occur to her that there's anything odd about sitting on the windowsill of a second story window in the middle of the night] Is Washington in?

[Well, he's gotta admit there's POTENTIAL there.


Not presently, but he'll return.

(OOC: Ahaha, time paradox much? |D; I HOPE THIS IS OKAY.)

Okay. Perhaps I'll just check back later ... [Wary girl is wary, so she's not coming in.]

[[ooc: Perfectly fine! WE'LL MAKE IT WORK! XD ]]


Do as you see fit.

[Staaaares back, frowns a little]

Are you alright?

Of course.

[Staaares some more.]

Are you going to keep sitting there?

[Well, she was thinking about leaving and taking a walk before coming back, but the staring has her stubborn.]

What, does that bother you?

Not as long as you keep quiet.

[It's unusual, but unusual never bothered him before.]

[Smirk and looking away.]

You are agile.

[A simple assessment.]

Edited at 2010-09-11 09:57 am (UTC)

And what, you've never seen agile before?

I have.

[Decides to turn around and leave her to her own devices, now.]

Well, have fun sitting there.

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