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cartrauma wrote in paradisa
[All Student Council members]

[Like 90% of Chiyo's posts this is backdated to earlier today when she was awake. Also dictated!]

Hello! Um, my name is Mihama Chiyo and I'm the Student Council President.

Since we don't know each other, I was thinking that we could introduce ourselves here and tomorrow we can all meet together to talk about what we can do for the school. If anyone has questions or comments, leave them here as well!


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[... okay, he's gotta admit that he's a little. Taken aback by this.]

're the President?

[But he gets over it quickly enough.]

Anotsu Kagehisa. It seems I am a "senior class representative".

Yes... I was my class rep back home so I guess the the castle thought I'd have the experience already.

I look forward to working with you!

You think you're up to the challenge?

[Yeah, gonna be a jerk about this.]

Yes! You can count on me!

[... well, you're kinda cute.]

Turn to your elders if it's too hard.

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