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milk and honey
certae wrote in paradisa
[ there's shrill laughter and a few drops of wine drip onto the page ] Ahahahahahahah--Oh, Bernkastel~ Look at where your curiosity's gotten you! Well, not killed, tha~t's for sure. Mmmm... [ licky sounds... shittttt ]

Oh-hoh-hoh-hoh-hoh-hoh!! Oh, yes! This truly makes up for picking the desk! Oh, but you know what would go good with this wine? [ smears a handful of cheesecake on Bern's cheek before ... eating it... ] Kyahahahahahahahaha! Bern, you're always so delicious when you're covered with sweets and things! [ hum ]

[ ooc: FILTH. SIN. TRASH. BERNKASTEL HAS FIGURED OUT WHAT HER GUM FROM LOST ROOM DOES :C lambdadelta and bern are both in the lobby. so both open and journal. though, bern's wrapped up in chains while sweating wine..?!?! and lamby is being a psycho lesbian freak. help? laugh? tell them to get a room? ]

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[IS ANNOYED. Geez, kids these days.]

Your journal is open and recording.

I'd close it, but [clinking of chains] I'm rather indisposed at the moment.

Can you not free yourself?

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