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¤ 3 - Fed up
Someone needs to die for this!
honorinflames wrote in paradisa
[one can only exist by scrounging food from the kitchen, the market, and a benevolent uncle for so long. So, Zuko is finally attempting to put together his own meal. Since the kitchen is full of completely incomprehensible contraptions, and he's not about to wish or go to the ghosts for help, he's found a nice place outside, near the Castle, to build a little campfire. Like the good ol' days, before spirits and castles, back when chasing the Avatar and being brutally exiled from his home was all he had to worry about. ...Granted, Iroh did most of the cooking during all that, but... how hard could it really be?

He's also enjoying a little bit of peace from the journal. Outrunning that thing is hard work. This last time, it ended up in the duckpond. He hasn't heard from it for most of the day.

...not that it lasts, of course. The journal suddenly pops into being right beside him, and opens to catch a very annoyed sound, accompanied by the pleasant crackle of firewood

Aaaugh! Stop following me!!

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If you do not want anyone to follow you, be more mindful of your surroundings.

[reading this, he scoffs]

I wouldn't be having this problem if I was talking about a person.

You are being followed by a thing?

This stupid journal. I can't get rid of it.

[Well, okay... the journals. Anotsu will have to test that.]

I see.

I've tried everything. Burning it, leaving it behind, throwing it in the pond...

And you expected success?

I was hoping it would get the idea that I don't want it.

I feel if that were the case, we wouldn't be here.

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