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7. And God said verily thy shall pull a rabbit from thine hat
Is there a rabbit in my hat 8D
madetothwart wrote in paradisa
[Aziraphale had heard there was a real PRODUCER OF ACTS in Paradisa castle now... and he was looking for someone to represent! Now, while the angel hadn't performed professionally in Quite Some Time1, he had no book shop to keep him occupied and it might be a nice change of pace.

So all nattily dressed in a Victorian magician's outfit with a top hat, there is a brightly smiling angel in the lobby of the castle on a hastily erected stage.

A podium stands behind him, on which is a box of tricks and two white doves in a cage2. The slightly plump man is beaming at all passers-by, his voice a little nervous but utterly intent as he hails them.]

Come one, come all. Ladies and Gentleman, for your entertainment this afternoon, I am proud to present Aziraphale's Amazing Astonishments!

...You there, madam, would you care to choose a card?

...Sir, if you would be so kind as to verify there is nothing in my hat?

1. Quite Some Time ago was 1843, when Aziraphale was briefly represented by a bespectacled fellow called Nigel. He'd only performed once, an odd variety evening with a man who trained dancing ducks, but he maintained to this day that all seven patrons had enjoyed themselves immensely.

2. It would have been quite possible to cheat and use his angelic influences to make Daniel and Beryl (two respectable dove names) perform their tricks. But Aziraphale had strict notions on that, and was relying on hours of training and some birdseed instead.

[ooc: Open over the journals or in person. Anyone on the plane is free to hear him making a fool of himself as well.]

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[On the way through, Aziraphale's weird getup is enough to make Anotsu stop for a moment.]

Good day, sir, would you care to step right up?

[Anotsu is not familiar with this kind of getup.

Still, he's pretty sure that you, sir, are being positively silly.]

For what purpose?

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