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soumysteriousss wrote in paradisa
[Afternoon started off totally routine for an 8th grader with no school. PLAYING HOOKY FROM EVERYTHING EVER, which for Kujo meant wishing up a soccer ball to play with in paratown near one of the large alleys and bounce it off the walls. He'll be juggling it with his feet for a bit...]

One-two, one-two! That's thirteen now, so go for a shot! Aaaaand kick--!! [...and then takes a shot!]


--!! [For a second Kujo just stares in AWE at the sudden explosion of glitter in mid-air....until he notices the tiny shape that falls to the ground almost immediately after.] Fireworks...? ...No, it's naked!! [he kneels right down beside this tiny naked glitter machine, hands on his knees]

[Puck is just ... lying on the ground, looking dazed and kind of mumbling to himself] Guts... this is domestic abuse...

Domestic abuse...? How mysterious! And it's so tiny too. And there's really nothing down there, either! --IT'S A FAIRY!!

...And I killed it?! First-aid! First-aid!
[he proceeds to gather Puck up with both hands and...smush the poor thing in the head with his lips and blow on him in the worst practice of CPR ever--] No good?! [--and when that fails he'll hastily grab his journal out of his bag as he runs into the central street, looking around at the same time he dictates:]

HEY!! Does anyone know how to give a fairy mouth-to-mouth?! You know, that kind of fairy--!!

[[ooc; Kujo and Puck! In the worst scenario ever LMAO feel free to hear the last bit through the journals or just...be in town at that moment. Replies will be Your character > Puck (if tagging that time around) > Kujo♥]]

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[Just happens to be passing by and seeing the whole scene.

Basically, this face.]

[HI ANOTSU WHAT'S UP BRO YOU LIEK MAH GLITTA? he is too busy flying around Kujo's head or something to pay attention to you though]


Wow, you're really energetic--!

[Yeah, and he's just... watching the scene. And maybe shaking his head.]

[you know you want to hang out with them. totally.]

I'm just getting started! HAH!! [a stick with a spiky ball on it appears out of nowhere .... he's using it like a sword]

[LMAO skjdhgskjgsk staring in AWE]


[At least he wants to see how this magic thing plays out.

And thus, he sits on... a low wall or something nearby.]

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