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where will it take us
gforgreat wrote in paradisa

[... Goes the wall as this thing comes through it. On it's back is a boy, dressed as an exorcist with a strangely... glowing forehead.

The creature just looks around, frantic.]

... What th' Hell?!

[ooc; INTRO FOR TIMOTHY and Tsukikami, his Innocence. Timothy is possessing an (once) Akuma (I GOT PERMISSION FOR THIS...) and Tsukikami is currently animating Timothy's body. I know it's... confusing, but his application is here and a description of his powers are there too (duh, sob).]

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[Sidesteps and.


That is pretty weird, even by Anotsu's standards. Though maybe not by Paradisa's standards. Still, for a moment, it does take him by surprise.]

[The Thing/Timothy sees him and suddenly points. The boy/Tsukikami on his back just stares.] You! Where th' hell am I?!


You're new.

[Says Anotsu in the flattest tone ever, his face now placid and almost slightly bored, as usual.]

The place is called Paradisa.

... What?

I'm supposed to be in Greece! How'd I get here?!

[Greece... Greece... not sure he heard of that place, but isn't going to admit that.]

By the magic castle's whims.


[Kinda regretting that he didn't just ignore them and go on with his day.]

What do you you think?

Yer talkin' crazy, old man. [The whites of his eyes narrow.]

[Well, that's a new one.]

See for yourself, then.

[Inspecting your Tsukikami with his eyes.]

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