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The highest point sum achievable with three darts is 162
onlyanapple wrote in paradisa
[Crowley is still uncomfortable with the idea of going into the town, so he's boycotting that festival. Instead, he's decided to wander the castle, to see if there's anyone around worth messing with.

Naturally, this means he's going to go and see if Allen and/or Arthur is around. But once he gets to the 5th floor, he notices a name is gone from a door. He stares at it for a moment, almost finding it hard to believe, before he opens his journal

It seems Bad Girl has gone home.

[A pause, then very happily] That means I'm now officially a widower to nine people, and by Paradisa law, no longer married to anyone. This clearly requires me drinking my bodyweight in alcohol in celebration.

[Happy laugh. SO VERY, VERY, HAPPY. FREE AT FUCKING LAST] Never again. Never, ever again.

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[Oh hey, mister. I remember your voice.]

How unfortunate that none of your marriages were successful.

[Oh hey, it's you again. Guy who upset Rin :/]

That's because none of them were of my own violation, and they all happened at the same time.

...It was just a case of waiting out all the buggers while they went home.

The castle's doing?

[YOU CAN'T HEAR IT, but. Anotsu is kind of grinning. A lot. :|]

Hmm. It does that sort of thing.


This castle is quite something. One has to thread carefully.

You can tread as carefully as you like, it won't make any difference if the castle decides to mess you about.

So before the castle, everyone is equal?

Though how people within the castle treat you is another matter entirely.

Of course. I wouldn't expect any less.

Then you just might survive here. [Unless Rin smashes your skull in in the middle of the night]

[Sorry. She tried that once and it didn't work. :|]

Thank you for the vote of confidence!

[Oh well, she gets points for trying]

Or of course, I could be lulling you into a false sense of security.

I'm tricky like that.

Certainly, you might be doing that.

There's got to be a reason Rin is friends with you.

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