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... what
kindnessing wrote in paradisa
[the journal falls open. and. uh. music?

after that, there is a loud, cartoonish "ptoo" noise, and a crash as someone collides with their desk.

... O-ow. Gonna have to put a cushion there...

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[What is this.]

What is that noise?

[grrrrrr don't talk to ken like that grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr.


[gdit Rin

Are you trying to turn into a creeper?]

Ah - I'm sorry! [doesn't recognize your voice just yet ffff] I didn't realize the journal was open.

People here seem very careless with their journals.

[... this person sounds familiar uum um] Ah. Well... they tend to open when one least expects it.

[..... penny drops after this. uh. /)_(\ h-hello anotsu...]

[It's okay, he won't bite.]

So they have a life of their own, too.

[... jdfjhg just scared out of his life now SORRY AAA]

... They do. Several things around here seem to have some sort of unnatural sentience.

[Poor boy. ;-; But I DON'T BLAME HIM.]

Such I noticed.

[... SORRY is just gonna not answer this aaaa]

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