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paradisamods wrote in paradisa
[In a lost room...]

[Anyone who has traveled to the room could be there by now.

Explore, my dears.]

[ooc: Please do not have your character take anything unless they are confirmed to take it on the Claim Post. Anyone is welcome to explore, touch, poke around and ponder, though :)]

Oh, my.

[brb writing furiously in a notebook, trying to describe exactly what she sees.]

[ won't be exploring for long once he opens his journal and notices that the Worst Timing Ever has occurred and souji has of course woken up while jr. is gone B|

but for now he's also sort of poking around. it's nice not having to take up much space heheh, he can just squeeze past people. will stop to check on what raine's doing ]


[poking around a few things...making a face at the cig. it stinks ):]

This is so weird... They have more stuff here in their room than I do.

Yeah? Though, I guess most of it is more... 'junk' or maybe trinkets than anything.. [ out of people's way. he's been in here for too long ahhhh ]

[Having followed Raine here, Yuan is poking around at the different items, looking for any sign of a name, identifiers as to whose room this may be.]

No journal, no ID...

But many items left behind.

[Hello again, Yuan. Vereesa is here investigating the unknown because she's curious, as always.]

[halfway around the room, all thoughts of making a map have been abandoned (as well as the map itself... who knows where that's got to). Pencil tucked safely away in one of his many pouches, Tas is holding on to a pair of hornrimmed glasses, turning them over in his hands]

[Wanders by on a cat, for the moment just taking things in. She watches Tas with a bemused smile]

This is quite some place, isn't it? To be in tucked away like this.

[came here with percy. looking around, just kind of amazed there was a room in that huge maze.]

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[took a mental picture of the room when she arrived, so with that out of the way she's going to wander in and look around in detail]

[a little latter when rin walks in, when she spots yuki, she'll wave a wave. hey gurl :>]

[Slugger arrives, passing right through one of the walls. It was a bit of a challenge to find the place, even for him. And what's this? Why, it's a room full of useless junk! This could be promising. Now that he's here, he searches through the stuff in hopes of finding his lost golden bat.

No luck. The closest thing here is an old, yellow umbrella which he examines but doesn't take. Just a room full of useless junk after all.

He's about to leave when his skate rolls over a page from an old newspaper. Spotting some of the text, he picks it up, unfolds it and looks curiously over the front page.]


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[overhears this and looks around]

Wait, Mayfield? [isn't that the place that newspaper Minato mentioned was from]

[ so before jr. got there albedo came, he saw, he took a razor and he left. DON'T EVEN BOTHER REPLYING TO THIS, HE DOESN'T CARE ABOUT YOU PEOPLE HAHAH what am i even doing ]

[This is the strangest room he's ever been in. What the hell is all this useless junk? He'll just be sitting on the desk, mostly to be out of people's way, idly poking around]

[Here, Arthur. Have a Cass.]

It's weird to find stuff here.

[So the possible monster is kind of half-forgotten because he's too busy checking all the cool stuff out. He's careful not to touch anything, for now.]

[hang on, slipping past] Oh, uh, I'm sorry, excuse me=

[Despite his interest in joining a group to visit the room, he was unable to get out of Subaru's sight long enough to wander away as such. In young Kamui's terms... he's currently exploring, with the mysterious older person "claiming" to be his brother (lol).

Brb, trying to ditch him to look at items.]

[ Honestly, Kamui... After being around you for so many years, do you really think you can lose him in this room? He's going to watch you like a hawk ]

[Raistlin is standing quietly off to the side, looking it all over, studying it ... and after a moment, slowly, he begins to tread through the room, holding his hands over each object, but never quite touching them.

what's he doing? trying to sense any magic, of course.

but at the same time, he's keeping well away from anyone who dares to actually touch something and pick it up...

... which means he's zig-zagging around like a slow, careful crazy man]

[... Hey dude how's it goin'?]

Being awfully careful about this, aren't you?

[Yes, he did just appear there about ten seconds ago. 'Sup. He's also not touching anything, then again, he doesn't appear to be looking for anything either, really.]

[Vayne was interested in seeing the rather normal empty room with odd but normal random stuff. The set up seemed sort of mysterious to him, and exploring his new home gave him something to do. Of course, there was the interest as an alchemist too. Maybe he could find something new and unique as an ingredient.

He poked his head in slowly, Sulpher his cat at his feet as always. He didn't want to impose on anyone, so he felt a little shy about just walking in.

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[ there's a flash of light and Lamby pushes her way into the room ]

What's going on? Haaaaah? Everyone's taking things with them from this room and not telling me?! Mean! Rude! [ crosses her arms and looks around, SNEERS AT THE DESK ]

Fine! If that's how you all wanna pla~y..

[ disappears and reappears, standing on top of the desk ]

Then, I, Lady Lambdadelta claim this desk to be mine! Oh-hoh-hoh-hoh-hoh-hoh!! Bet you're all jealous, h~uh? That's right! I've got the biggest and best prize here! [ LAUGHS AND DISAPPEARS WITH THE DESK ]

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[ in the room... browsin' a browse ]

[Wanders over, he has a CD :3]

This place is like a treasure trove. I almost wish I wasn't too lazy to drag that TV to the room.


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