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akihiko's probably doomed the castle again
brbfisting wrote in paradisa
[ there's some background noise here, all of s.e.e.s. is conversing. listen closely and you'll pick up voices like minato, pharos' or even yukari's around.

for now, akihiko's is the most clear as he dictates in the journal: ]

My friends and I decided to explore Insolitus a couple of days ago and we've just discovered a room in here that we didn't even see the first day. It's a standard room, like the ones we have and there are all kinds of everyday objects, too, but there's no nameplate and signs that anyone is inhabiting this room, even if we did discover some clothes and things like a cigarette butt.

We're still exploring but we could definitely use someone else's expertise down here. One of my friends can only sense one form of life down here but it's most likely not human, as we heard it growl, like some kind of animal.

[ ooc: threadjack like it's a party, guys. DISCUSS! ]

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[Mysteries, in MY castles? Definitely pinged.]


[ it wouldn't be the same without you, rin ]

The maze on the eleventh floor?

I suppose I'll have to pay a visit.


All right, we could use more people checking into this.

I didn't say I was going to help.

[ a pause ]

Why not?

I am not affiliated with anyone here.

[Missing his gang. :(]

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