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† 54
priestish wrote in paradisa
[filter: private]

[written carelessly:]

rin faith faye nanako ken claire elektra colette ca
caterina asthe seth suleyman alec tres
eva jyuu


lambda & bern
w wisely

[pen taps. they slow over time, then stop.]

02 [end private.]

[filter: nanako, mr. dojima]

How are the two of you doing? I hope you're settling in well, Mr. Dojima. Take good care of your Dad, alright, Nanako?

I hope we can sit down for tea again soon. The room seems very empty without you, hm...

[filter: yukiko, faith, faye, rin]

...How are you doing? [if any of you fail to answer this filter, he's going to go hunt you down :3]

[filter: lambdadelta & bernkastel]

Miss Lambdadelta; Miss Berknastel. After meeting the other day - I realized I never properly thanked you for taking care of Miss Nanako. So--

[...] Thank you. ...You were right. She was safest in your hands; I truly owe you for making sure she was alright. If there's anything I can do to repay you, please let me know.

[filter: miss eva]

We're having tea in the garden this afternoon. No, that wasn't a question~!

[filter: miss hendric]

Ah -- I realize that we haven't formally met, Miss Hendric, but -- may I have a word with you? This is Father Abel Nightroad speaking. It won't take long.

[filter: seth]

We're going into town tonight. I'm coming by a little while after nightfall - and no, you can't pretend you're sleeping to get out of it. [end filters.]

[after that's done, Abel clears his throat before clearly dictating rather cheerfully into the journal:]

A-ahh. Um-- I suppose it'd be nice for a change of pace, wouldn't it...? I feel a bit silly talking about this after everyone's had such a hard time as of late, but...

[an awkward pause]

Lilith and I are-- um. Th-the... date, for--

...M... marrying, I--


Th-the date for the-- wedding, will be September 14th. If... you-- want to come. All of you are formally invited, so-- I... I hope to see you there, alright? It will be in the Four Season's room, and-- reception in the church. Barring any castle pranks.

...And... please take care of yourselves. You know where to find me, if you... want to talk, or... [...] Why am I still talking? [brb dying of awkward wlekjrlkej journal shuts]

[editted in later:]

[filter: minato]

Minato? ...If you see this, could you get back to me?

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[Hi, Mr. Priest. Someone is going to keep an eye on you. As for now, he's smiling amicably.]

Getting married, are you? Congratulations.

[oho. hello there, creeperface]

Ah... Mr. Anotsu. Thank you very much!

How are you doing?

[What, he's not creepy. :| Really.]

I am doing quite well, thank you. What about yourself? Looking forward to the day?

[rite, rite. not like you killed Rin's famiree or anything...]

How are you adjusting to castle life?

Mm, of course. It's been a long time coming...

[Family duty, man. Kinda blows, but you gotta do what you gotta do. Lies, he totally enjoyed it.]

Well enough, I guess.

Then it's all the more of a merry event!

[right... 'duty.' the priest will totally accept that.]

It'll get easier as time goes on. Just look how well Rin's taken to it, hm?

Of course! Better that I get to share it with so much good company.


Then you have been able to make many friends around here?

I'd like to say I have. There are plenty of people I care for, in any case.

How about you? Have you found anyone you'd call a friend just yet, or is too early to say for sure?

I'm afraid that's the case. That, and I'm not much of one for making friends.

No? That sounds terribly lonely, especially in a place like this.

Are you a loner in your world as well, then?

And what manner of speaking is that?

Rather a complicated one.

[No, not telling you more about himself. :|]

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