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The face that says you're unworthy.
oneasthousand wrote in paradisa
[The journal is recording, and the voice it catches comes in from a slight distance.]

What is the meaning of this? Who brought me here? Do you not have the courage to show your face?

[A dry laugh, and even in this single sound, arrogance is evident.]

My reputation must be getting ahead of me. I suppose I don't blame you for knowing whom you are dealing with.

Well, then, depending on what your answer is, I shall spare you.

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1/idk; all dictated.

[Rin is just chilling, out at the outpost... she's been out there for a good bit, now, sort of enjoying the respite from the castle and all its craziness. still, it pays to keep up with things, even if she's keeping quiet, so she's just flipping idly through the journal when she catches the tail end of this -]

[and freezes, staring at the page. she stops, holding her breath, hands suddenly tense. listening.]

[Just...listening to Anostsu and Rin back and forth]

Yes, we can hear you. Is something interesting going to come up? I can get popcorn.

[another voice from the talking book, go]

Oh, yeah. I think that settles it. 'Threats' are my favorite first-appearance method..

[Wow. Anotsu is so thrilled. Not.]

I only deal out what is given to me.

[Stalking the stalking thing after he saw Rin's reaction. ]


you won't be seeing this icon icly for a while

[goodness the journal is loud, this morning. He's certainly paying attention now]

[sees that conversation with Rin]




Forget it.

[Because he's beginning to say that no, this ain't home.]

[... Rin, we are going to exchange words about this.]

[Man, I am sure wanted today.]

Ah! It seems you've already received quite the... enthusiastic greeting from Miss Rin, Mr. Anotsu.

Let me offer you my warmest welcome to Paradisa.

I understand she's... informed you.

[Great. So the great threat will not be a magical sentient castle, but Rin's multitudinous friends that she's already riled up against him.

Not that much different from home, then.

He laughs.]

Thank you. I am glad to accept your welcome. And who might you be... ?

[Might as well know who he's dealing with.]

...it seems your presence has caused quite the uproar already. I wonder if you are the type to find amusement in that, or if you find it bothersome?

That aside though, have all of your questions about this place been answered?

It likely should be noted, however, that there are a number of people within this Castle that do not stand for threats like that. It would be wise not to make them so lightly.

Do not worry.

I don't usually threaten people who do not deserve it.

[Yes, he's totally implying "so maybe they do".]

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