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orderlybento wrote in paradisa
Is everyone alright? What's... what's going on?

[if you consider your character one of hikari's friends or acquaintances, then they're on here!]

... Asuka? Are you there?

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I'm all right....[I feel better after eating an ENTIRE COW]

What about you? Are you somewhere safe?

Allen-kun!... I'm glad. [... better the cow than his friends. D:]

I'm... yeah, I'm in one of those... TARDIS things. I'm safe.

[It's true! Bessy did not die in vain]

Good...I'm glad to hear that. Things might get bad again once the sun sets...so make sure to stay there, okay?

Foreign creatures were attacking the town and castle.

Yuki-san! You're okay, right?

... I saw them. Do you have any idea what they are, Yuki-san?


No. They are hostile towards humans and castle residents, though.

I'm glad, Yuki-san.

Mm... you're somewhere safe, right?

Y-yeah! Where are you!?

I'm in one of those TARDIS things the Doctor has. In room 1102. Are you okay?

Yeah, I-I'm--[stuttering. Shit. Things haven't been this messed up since Silent Hill week. She takes a second to compose herself.]

I'm fine. I've got the stupid bird. [wondering whatever happened to horse!Unit 02...X( hnnnggg. Not to mention EVERYONE ELSE]

Okay... I'm glad... PenPen's with you? Is he alright?

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Yes, I'm okay. And you're somewhere safe, right?

Colette-san!... I'm so glad. Yes, I'm safe; I'm in the TARDIS... well, one of them, anyway.

Are you somewhere safe, Colette-san?

Yes, I am. [well, she'll be helping with the fighting, but psssssh]

That's good... Stay safe, okay, Colette-san? [oh colette, you sly girl ;)]

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