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cold to touch
doctorfog wrote in paradisa
[There it is, coming across the fields; a towering creature with billowing robes, and a long, menacing beak. It seems to float as it moves through the wheat, and one hand is clasped around the hind legs of a dead lamb, dragging it along. The other clutches a stick, the sickle swaying from his belt ominously.

And god, those awful eyes, bright and angry.

It catches one look at the people, the people in its safehouse, the people CONTAMINATING its lab, and it lets out a horrible

scream. Strangled, enraged, hellish... furious.]

FIENDS! Fie, fie, AWAY! Get out!

[and even more anger, when those bright red eyes see Roy]

The titians! TITIANS!

[OOC: I'm going to try to keep the course of action moving DOWN the page, meaning everything this creepy shit does can be reacted to individually. This means, essentially, if you're late/not following: you can add your comments later without losing track of the flow of action!]

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[the creature takes the bullets and lances and slashes... seemingly like a normal human being. He buckles, he folds, he cringes... he falls to his knees and bleeds, bleeds profusely...

Collapsed there, on his hands and knees, screaming...]

No... NO! Blood shed... BLOOD SHED...

[Just leaps for him in a tackle.] AaaaaAAAAAAAAHHHHHH!

[ stops, barrels smoking as he looks at it suspiciously ]

...No way it'd be that easy.

[ sees rin sdfkjhskhfsk ]

Hey, wait! Don't get close to him yet!

[Raine will stay on the defensive!]

Don't touch the blood, if you can avoid it! If there is a plague, that's likely how it spreads!

[Yes, she hisses at him. Ferociously. She has fangs.]

[...holy hell, guys! Rides a little forward on his chocobo, eyes wide. The creepy doctor thing didn't even try to fight back. Getting closer, looking freaked out]

Edited at 2010-04-12 02:17 am (UTC)

[ is coming up and IS NOT AS PSYCHOTIC AS RIN but she's ready to strike in case ]

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