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bandanny down
xthchance wrote in paradisa
[BACKDATED TO YESTERDAY when Daniel finally managed to escape the Mal Doran and get ye olde TARDIS ride out to the mountains. The following is written:]

I'm on the group trip to the mountains if anyone needs me. I'll see you all in a f --

[the writing wheedles off, then whump, the sound of Daniel collapsing onto the ground. He is OUT COLD, tyvm Vala]

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Daniel?! [asdflkj, Nine is there in a flash, poking at him and doing doctorly things, like making sure he's still alive >>]

[lol unconscious. also generally unresponsive]

[annoyed, but also concerned] Generally companions don't get knocked out before the adventure's started. [sigh] Right, back to the castle it is, won't take long. [aaand he's piloting the TARDIS back to the castle to drop off Daniel in the clinic (and yes, the TARDIS actually materializes /in/ the clinic, feel free to notice and go wtf XD)]

Doctor? What happened? Are you taking him to the clinic?

Already there, River. He's unconscious, not sure what happened. He just sort of...passed out.

I'll be right down, I'm sure you want to get back. Nothing notably odd happened then?

[on her waaaay]

Nope, we'd only barely gotten started.

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[magical timeskip's are always handy. River'll be at Daniel's side now, doing vaguely basic medically things aswell, like pulse checking and stuff while they wait for an actual doctor.]

You get off Doctor, your other companions will be waiting. I'll keep you informed.

[brief smile] Thanks, River. I'll keep the journal open. [and with that he slips back into the TARDIS, heading off]

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Have fun. [she manages a smile herself.] I'm sure he'll be fine.

[and after Nine takes off, have a Jack wandering in, unceremoniously dumping Vala on one of the beds, before glancing at Daniel, poorly masking concern with sarcasm!] Knocked out again, Space Monkey? What does that make it, five billion times? We really gotta start keeping track.

[so hai Jack! You appear to have just dropped an unconscious woman wearing leather corsetry onto a clinic bed with no explanation whatsoever.]

Hobby of yours? [wtf? look over at Vala.]

[rolls his eyes, pulling up a chair next to Daniel] Not even after copious amounts of beer. [points at Vala] She's got some kind of Goa'uld linking bracelet thing, they can't be apart.

So that's Vala is it? [keeping her hand on his wrist pulse point until a Doctor attends.]

Goa'uld? I presume now they're together, they should recover then yes? Or is the damage done? His heart rate's a bit slow.

[look, it's Owen for lack of any other clinic staff, woo! and he's been here the whole time, srsly. he's doing doctorly things]

Got anything more concrete than 'linking bracelet thing'?

[oh goodie, another scientist! -_- He'll be nice though, because you're helping Daniel.] Nope. Daniel said he wasn't sure when the effects wore off. [to River;] Yep, that's Vala, and the Goa'uld are nasty snake-head guys.

[concerned look at Owen, because that's what people do when they know the doctor then back to Jack.] But these bracelets, I mean how do they work? These 'snake-head guys', what's their technology like?

[goes looking for bracelets, which he... doesn't find] Not seein' any bracelets here.

[eyebrow raise] Well I dunno, maybe the effects still work after they're already off. And I'm really not the guy to ask about the specifics of Goa'uld technology. [pause] Or any kinda technology.

Are they both stable at least Owen? [worried brow rub]

They're improving, anyway. If we're lucky they'll come to soon. [Owen's spending a bit too much time on Vala, lalala >>]

They'd better. [still focused on Daniel; he kind of wants to hold his hand, but people are there, and well, he could wake up at any moment B/]

[River kind of smiles at Jack as she takes a deep breath, trying to reassure him] They'll be fine, just got to keep them close until we can figure this Goa'uld thing out.

[sits down; nothing left to do but wait. but dayum, Vala -- anyway] So who are these 'snakeheads' you mentioned, then?

[fff, he knows that River, thank you] Nasty parasites. They use people as hosts, and generally try to pass themselves off as gods to the people on whatever planet they're trying to take over.

[oh hello! rapid eye movement beneath closed lids over here, signs of revival!]

[luckily Owen was watching her! He stands up] Oh - here we go... hello, sweetheart.

[Sweetheart? o_O That amused look she quickly shot Owen's way is discarded rapidly to see if Daniel's showing the same signs]

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[brief glance at her, before looking back to Daniel and prodding him a bit with his finger] Helloooo Space Monkey, anybody in there?

[Daniel's eyebrows crease as he reaches consciousness, squinting hard before he blinks a few times, staring at the fuzzy images of Jack, River, and that other guy] Ow. [looks around] ... Okay, this is a bit more familiar than I'm comfortable with... what happened?

[blinking into consciousness slowly, greeted by 'sweetheart' first, how can she not respond? Once she focuses of course.] Now that's how a girl should be woken up. [winces a bit]

[hear's Daniel's voice] You should take notes Daniel.

[resists the urge to facepalm] You passed out, Dannyboy. The Doctor brought you back. So did she. [points at Vala]

[sits up a bit, sees Vala... lays back down and looks at the ceiling] Perfect. This is perfect. First I miss the Daedalus because of you, now this?

[lifting her head to scowl at him] Oh so this all my fault is it? I'm not the one who disappeared without a trace and didn't consider the possible consequences.

[winces again, oww her head hurts where she clocked it when she collapsed]

[rolls his eyes] Don't make me separate you kids. [pointed look]

[/ignores Jack lol] The possible consequences? [sits up a little, looking at her] This? This thing with the bracelets? It happened a year and a half ago for me, Vala! How was I supposed to know that, one, it wouldn't be nullified here, and two, it'd reinstate itself on me just because you're still affected?!

[this is River, slowly backing out of this one to go and let the Doctor know that Daniel's just fine. Fighting fit infact, the emphasis on 'fighting']

Oh, so it occured to you that I was still affected then? Just not you. In that case, I retract everything I said, any possible consequences clearly weren't an issue for you. I see how it is.

[huffs and flips herself over on the bed on to her side, her back to him. Upset, but she'll be damned if she'll let him know that.]

[just raises an eyebrow, before getting some popcorn from the castle]

No, that's not what I -- [sigh] I thought that if it wouldn't affect me anymore, it wouldn't affect you, either. Like I said, nullifying it. [... fff, whatever. he flops back down again. B|ing at Jack's popcorn]

[fff - save it Daniel. Vala is clamping a pillow over her head and she can't hear you. Because she's mature like that.]

[tosses popcorn at both of them, because he's mature like that >>]

Right, so if we're all finished being mature adults...

[after eating a couple of pieces of popcorn that Jack chucked at her beneath the secrecy of her pillow, Vala lifts the pillow higher and peers over her shoulder at him.]

Mmm. That's good stuff! What is it?

[to Owen] I'm done! [:D!]

[Jack has also seen Vala's entry and put two and two together...] Oh for crying out loud. [headdesk]

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