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{003.} curiosity killed the cat, but not even satisfaction will bring HIM back...
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alva_keel wrote in paradisa
[It's been a very busy morning for Alva, witnessing the next in a string of events that have been taking place since his arrival. Really, the guy's happier than he knows what to do with...even today, sleeping in a straw bed and witnessing the change in the castle that has clearly taken a turn in favor of praising the gentler sex. Not that he has a problem with it, Alva's all about equal rights...but the crick in his neck from the change in bedding and the lack of a pillow is bothering him some.]

I would ask only one request of the ladies residing in Cair Paradisa today: watch carefully the things you say in the presence of those males who are respectful and considerate enough to be undeserving of the scorn Paradisa's showing us.

Aside from that? Enjoy yourselves...and please, if you'd care to share any particularly unusual stories of the day's events, I will be in the library. My door, time, and journal, are at your service.

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Strange...I've felt no ill effects whatsoever, aside from the horrendous eyesore of pink. [oh, he's bored. So bored]

Not my favorite color, either, but I wouldn't say it's so bad.

Voices can be deceiving, so please forgive me for asking: are you male or female?

[...no, Wesker, you may not go snap the poor man's neck]


[absorbed and oblivious!Alva is absorbed and oblivious. Hello, he's in his happy place! :P]

And you are unaffected...that's very interesting, very interesting indeed...

Suffice to say, you're a member of a select, lucky few. Again, my apologies...my name is Alva Keel, by the way. If I'm going to question you, might as well introduce myself, hmm?

[back to bored] I don't require sustenance often. Neither do I sleep. Therefore the lack of service from the castle and the uncomfortable sleeping accommodations are hardly a hardship.

Albert Wesker.

You don't sleep or eat with any regularity? [color him curious, OH yeah] Mr. Wesker, again I do hope you'll forgive me for prying, but...are you human?

No. [still said in a very bored, disinterested tone] I'm much, much more.

Huh? What's it doing to the men? I haven't been paying so much attention today.

Well I was up quite late, and when I finally did go to bed, it was little more than a straw pallet. Then when my head touched the pillow, the pillow was gone...

Anyway. I've heard similar tales all over the castle today, and the women seem to be abundantly blessed with luxuries, little gifts, and the men seem to be compelled to obey any command given by a woman. Fascinating, if not a bit inconvenient.

What, so all of this is at the expense of the men? Oh, geez. And there I thought the castle was being nice.

I'm starting to think that the castle's disposition is fickle. Benevolent and malicious at turns...more proof of its sentient nature.

Maybe it's the castle's way of communication, if it's sentient?

It's possible that these events do hold some sort of symbolism that's open to interpretation, yes.

[Can't see it, but there's a little bit of a smile in his voice] Well done, my dear. Well done indeed.

[Okay, this is weird.]

... uhh, thanks?

Not at all. I haven't met many inclined to make suppositions regarding Paradisa's nature. They seem convinced there's no point in attempting to understand.

Forgive my lack of manners...I'm Alva Keel, I don't believe we've been properly introduced.

Well, truth be told, it doesn't seem to make a whole lot of sense.

That's alright. If you forgot your manners, so did I. My name is Maryweather Hargreaves, and it is a pleasure to make your acquaintance.

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