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{002.} untagged and curious
emote - hands folded, emote - considering
alva_keel wrote in paradisa
[Curious!Alva is curious and happy as a pig in slop when he awakes the next day and after a cup of tea (graciously provided by the castle on request...along with a bit of cake because he missed out for the most part yesterday), he sets to work on the task at hand: learning all he can about his new temporary home.]

[As the day progresses and he takes note of those with and without tags on their heads, he finds himself missing Evey and Paul for the first time. From the halls of the tenth floor, a wistful sigh can be heard through the pages of the journal.]

[Unfocused, directed to the castle at large] I don't suppose you'd bring a couple of people in if I asked, would you?

[a beat, then a laugh]

No, of course not. We all lose something when we come here...ah well.

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I've tried that before, but it seems it doesn't honor that kind of request. It just brings who it wants to.

I had suspected as much...still, when one lives in a sentient castle, one can't hurt by giving it the old college try, hmm?

It never hurts. Sometimes I find myself still trying. It'll bring you any drink in the world, and yet some of the things it won't grant are downright ridiculous.

You're new around here, aren't you?

[a quiet laugh]

Glaringly obvious, I take it? Yes, I just arrived recently. Alva Keel, Sodalitas Quaerito. To whom do I have the pleasure of speaking, Miss?

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