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{001.} god is nowhere and i am here...
[Emote] Shock
alva_keel wrote in paradisa
[He walked into the other room over an hour ago to fetch a set of backup batteries for his tape recorder...and found himself in an entirely different world. It's a distressing situation, yet as always curiosity overwhelms fear. Through the open journal on the nearby table, perhaps some sounds can be heard...feet shuffling, pages turning, breathing...but otherwise, it's a full hour after his arrival before any sign of the castle's newest denzien can be detected.]

[A button clicks...it becomes clear that he's dictating, into the tape recorder that can't be seen.]

I am no longer in Boston.

My surroundings are well-appointed and lavish, yet I do not know how I came to have them. I have not left the room, but I know that wherever I am, it is not a modern construct. The walls are stone, well-built and very quaint.

If I did not know better, I would say I’d gone back in time and found myself in some forgotten king’s great castle bedchamber.

[A pause, footsteps. He's pacing a bit, measured and calm.]

I intend to make a full exploration in order to better ascertain what I am dealing with…but first I will search the immediate area. If I am still in the country, I hope to make my way home. If not…wherever I am, I pray I am not in danger.

[Another pause...a little laugh]

To be honest, if the rest of my location is anything like this room…I wouldn’t mind doing a little investigating.

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One of the most calm and analytical entrances I've witnessed.

You're in a castle, known as Paradisa. You've been taken from the time and place that you know and transported to another dimension.

It's rather a lot to take in, I know.

I'm another resident, and I'm addressing you through a journal. It should be nearby.

[He turns sharply at the sound of the voice, saying nothing until it's finished speaking...at which point, he goes back to the book he'd been leafing through earlier and finds it all transcribed on a formerly blank page...including his own earlier dictation]

[murmured to himself] A mystically endowed journal...literally records all sound as written word! That's remarkable!


My apologies, don't mean to be rude. Might I have your name, dear lady?

Inara...Alva Keel, Sodalitas Quaerito. Pleasure to make your acquaintance.

So you say we've entered another dimension...how did this occur? Was anyone in this castle taken by force or abducted by individuals working for a higher authority?

A pleasure to meet you as well, Mr. Keel.

No one is really certain, though the castle itself appears to be sentient. Ask it for most anything, and it will give it to you.

...Though at the moment, the only food you will be given no matter what you ask for, is cake. The castle has a rather...unique sense of humor and does things of this sort on occasion.

A sentient structure...marvelous. [if it sounds like he's drooling a little? He is, metaphorically, and cake isn't the reason.]

Clearly I must get my bearings, settle in, I suppose...is there any measure as to how long I might be allowed to stay here?

[...well that's certainly different. 'How long might I be allowed to stay here' rather than 'How long am I stuck here']

No one is certain. Some are here for mere months, weeks. Some for a year, or more.

So it's fairly arbitrary, then. At Paradisa's discretion. Hmm.

Given what I've learned thus far about this castle from others that have spoken to me through this journal, I believe I could...rather enjoy myself here.

Forgive me if I'm prying, Miss Serra, but where did Paradisa take you from? Or when, if that applies.

[slightly amused] From the late 25th century.

[...okay, he's officially startled. Sound the alarms! It passes quickly, though, and he's a happy little scholar again.]

I do believe we could share a great deal of knowledge with each other...I'm from the early 21st.

[gentle kind Companion is gentle, and kind] As most of the other human residents are, but I would be more than happy to speak with you some time. I do enjoy hearing stories of Earth-That-Was.

[and just to assuage those fears of 'some forgotten king’s great castle bedchamber' have a former Queen of England :D!]

We are apparently in no particular fixed point of time, the castle's residents are from any time and any world sir. No-one can explain how or why we have been placed here, only that it is so.

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[Ah, a little slice of home in the accent! :P Have more thoughtful murmuring] A nexus of some sort, then...temporal, interdimensional...good Lord, where on earth is my team when I need them?...

My apologies, Miss...I'd be lying if I said I wasn't a bit overwhelmed. No excuse for bad manners, hmm? Might I get your name?

It is quite understandable, I confess to being overwhelmed myself still and I have been here for several days now. I am not sure one ever becomes completely accustomed, but I shall do my utmost to answer any queries you may have.

Of course, I am Anne Boleyn, and yourself?

[NOW the queen thing registers when he adds in what she said about time periods...paranormal investigator is about to launch huge-ass paranormal investigating. Yes.]

Alva Keel, my queen...and, may I say, the honor of this meeting is completely mine. All apologies if I was too familiar before, I didn't know...and your generosity is greatly appreciated.

It is quite alright, given that many have not even heard of me, and that I am merely a figure in history for those that have, I am hardly so conceited as to expect the trappings and formalities of my former status. But your gracious courtesy is appreciated none-the-less. [a small smile that can be heard in her voice]

It is a mutual pleasure, I assure you, Alva Keel. This land is known as Paradisa, and I am to believe it has taken something from yourself, a memory or an ability. Which is perhaps a little disconcerting, and I am sorry to bear such tidings.

[uh oh...that's not good. He pauses to stare at his hands and pats down his person like he's looking for his wallet, as if that could somehow help him determine what he's lost.]

I...see. Only I don't...I don't know what I could have possibly had taken. I believe my memory is intact, and I don't yet know of any skills I may be missing...

Please forgive my language, but bloody hell...

I am told that in time, it may become apparent, although some are still none the wiser.

You are quite forgiven, I have heard worse, and under the circumstance most justified. I have walked the streets of London after all, to the jeers of the those that wished my predecessor to remain Queen. They were not kind, nor courteous in their language. [a slight laugh]

You may ask of the castle anything you desire, it is most generous in that respect, unless it has deemed that we should only eat cake for the day.

[laughs a little himself, nodding although it can't be seen] History does tend to leave out those details, at least insomuch as they are remembered with any real regularity.

I have been told about this...situation with the cake. So if I simply...speak a material desire aloud, Cair Paradisa will grant it?

Welcome to Cair Paradisa.

Thank you, the kind welcome is appreciated.

I think you will find the castle herself quite welcoming, if a bit - unsettling at times.

Yes, I have been speaking to others and I'm told Cair Paradisa is sentient.

Forgive my manners...my name is Alva Keel, to whom do I have the privilege of speaking?

Pleased to meet you. Shall I call you Alva?

I am Arwen, called the Undómiel.

Of course...I'm sorry, Undomiel. Is that your last name?

[A soft laugh, like the tinkling of bells]
No, we have no last names as do many I have met here.
Undómiel means Evenstar - it is my epessë, my second name, for I am the Evenstar of my people. I - do not know how to translate this. It is not a title, exactly. You may call me Arwen, if you wish, though there are some who call me Lady Undómiel. I have found that most here are on familiar terms.

Well, Arwen, if familiarity is the norm, then I shall embrace the warmth of this, my new temporary home, with great relish.

Might I ask...you said you were the Evenstar of your people. Where, exactly, do you hail from?

Familiarity allows those who dwell here to better handle the... losses. the Castle can sometimes be cruel...

I am from a land called Middle-Earth, where my people have lived for many thousands of years. Before this, however, we lived in another land, in the Undying Lands across the sea, called also the Grey Havens. It is to there that all of my people return, when they weary of the pain of the world.

...good Lord, you're an elf.

So I am. And yourself? Are you of the Race of Men?

[Have an amused Morrolan reading the other comments and then talking to you through the journal.]

There is no immediate danger unless you should happen to anger your fellow residents. It is a pleasure to meet you, Alva; my name is Morrolan e'Drien.

Well, I can promise not to do so willfully. I've been told I can grate a bit...asking too many questions and all.

Pleasure's mine, to be sure, Mr. e'Drien...that's a rather interesting name, might I ask where you're from?

[He chuckles.] it denotes my lineage; it was judged that, of my ancestors, I most resembled Drien, although my mother's side was e'Kieron. I live in Southmoor, in the Dragaeran Empire, when I haven't been kidnapped to another plane. [He sounds amused rather than angry at this.]

That's most fascinating! I suspect we're from very different dimensions, you and I. The questions I have would fill these blessed pages...

I wouldn't doubt it; I have yet to meet any others from my world here. You may ask whatever you like; I reserve the right not to answer if it is personal.

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