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bro_codebreaker wrote in paradisa
[slept through most of the day, honestly, trying to get rid of the really, really awful hangover from last night. didn't even sleep very well, considering the noises that didn't go away, and the nightmares he couldn't remember. something about blood, and stars, and always an undercurrent of a horrible ripping noise. when he finally decides to roll out of bed, he decides on a shower to sober up completely, and heads to the bathroom. tosses off a comment to the journal as he walks by]

Okay, Triela? You were right. Drunk was a very bad idea. ... [heh] ... the karaoke was still worth it though. Totally.

[takes his shower, letting the hot water leech the soreness out of his bones, and gets out, wrapping up in a towel. there's a hissing noise from somewhere in the bathroom, but he ignores it, too intent on shaving to care. if he's going to be freaked out, he can at least look good doing it. reaches for the washcloth to swipe away at the mirror, and --- it's not his face looking back at him. it's Shannon. not the Shannon he remembers from his days at the coffee shop, but the Shannon he met just a few months before coming to Paradisa, older and stricter, and a mother. and she says the same things she said to him then, before she shoved him out the door: how shocked she is to see him this way, how disgusted she is - not just at herself for falling for his lines, the way she did What's His Face, but at how much he changed, just because someone told him no. just because he couldn't stand the thought of someone other than him changing his world. "Someday, Barney Stinson, the world is going to change again, and you're running out of people to be. I wonder if you'll be able to handle it." And then there's a crash, and more screaming from the bedroom, and when he whips his head around to look, Shannon vanishes. there's just him, in his bathroom, and the mirror. and a little stubble that he's not sure he feels like getting rid of, anymore. he goes out to the wardrobe, and looks at the rows and rows of suits. for a minute, he considers asking the castle for a pair of jeans and a t-shirt, something far more casual and colorful - something more like what he used to wear. but then he remembers what purpose the suits served to begin with, how well they helped him hide how her breaking up with him had hurt, and reaches for the first one his eyes settle on. suits up, and sits down on the edge of the bed, alternating between watching his fish do loops around his lamp, and watching people's journal entries appear.]

... So, guys. I'm not really keen on seeing things in my bathroom mirror again, and the sky is apparently gonzo. And I don't know about the rest of you, but ... [and his nonchalance falters, here, a bit] That's a little freaky. ... So I'm going to the library. With the candlestick. ... See some of you there.

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[Morrolan is, in fact, already in the library, helping turn it into a safe zone. He's made sure that it's well lit and cleanly organized, bringing as much order into this place as possible.]

[slept there,last night, on one of the window seats, since it was pretty clear that they weren't supposed to leave. wakes up to feel a hand on his shoulder]

"Barney? ... Hey. Hey, it's time to get up, man. Mom's gonna kill you if you don't."

[his half-brother's face smiles down at him, warm and teasing - and then it's gone. sits up, rubbing at his eyes]</i> James...?! [but so far there's just Morrolan. waves to him, weakly]

Hi, Duke.

[Morrolan nods in greeting.] Good morning, Barney. I believe someone has made coffee - do you drink coffee?

I do ... wow, that sounds like an awesome idea, actually. Thanks. Where's it at?

[He smirks and gestures over to the makeshift kitchen where the food is stockpiled.] Those who have been here longest are convinced that this change, like all the others they have experienced so far, will probably be temporary. If so, once we have returned to what passes for normal in this place, I shall have to request a klava press from the castle and make the best coffee you have ever tasted.

[He pauses for a moment, looking at something that isn't there for anyone else, but then he ignores it by force of willpower and continues speaking.]

Once you have woken up, if there is anything you would like to help with, tell me and I will find a task for you. We are making this library as defensible as possible, should it tire of assaulting our minds and send a more physical threat.

[takes a minute to sort through all that fancy Duke talk, since he's still very much pre-coffee. thinks he sees Lily over near one of the stacks, reading a kid's book. what the heck? ... right. pours himself a cup of coffee]

I have no doubt that Duke coffee would be coffee of awesomeness. [flashes him a little grin that disappears after a second]

So ... you're seeing stuff, too, huh. ... Is yours nice, at least? [seeing Lily was nice. misses her, a little. looks over again to see if she's still there. of course, she's not. sighs]

[Morrolan closes his eyes for just a moment as a flash of some emotion skitters across his face.] My friends, mostly. Situations we've been in that seemed hopeless at the time. But we prevailed in the end against all of them, as we shall prevail against this.

[And there's ever the slightest bit of uncertainty at that, since, for all he knows, the last battle he remembers could very well have been a defeat, since he only remembers what happened up to his own death.]

[raises his coffee cup] That's the way to look at it, Duke. [smiles. downs about half the coffee] I think I'm gonna have a look around ...

Yes, of course. Do let me know if you have any suggestions.

[stops in front of one of the windows. it's showing clips of Full Metal Jacket. the ones he could never watch.]

.... Could we put something over the windows so people don't, you know ... see stuff?

[He nods, and snaps a few orders to the ghosts. Suddenly there are curtains on the window, and he pulls them shut.] It is impossible to cover all the reflective surfaces, of course, since water is reflective, but yes, starting with the windows is an excellent idea. There are no mirrors here, which should make it easier as well.

[to the ghosts? ... oooookay. stares a little, at that] Okay, was I really just seeing that, or ...?

[Morrolan chuckles.] In fact, that is a part of what passes for normal here. If, as the others say, this is but a temporary situation, I will show you everything I know about Paradisa once it returns to normal, if you like.

That'd be great. [grins] Can Triela come too, when you do? She got here the day after me, and ... she could probably stand to know, too.

... I haven't seen her today. I hope she's okay.

Of course. It would be my pleasure.

[He frowns.] Be certain to tell her where you are in the event she becomes worried. We would welcome her here if she does not wish to be alone.

Forget the Shining, this place is starting to resemble the set of a Hitchcock film.

You're telling me. ... At least those had pretty girls in them, though. I wouldn't mind one of those right about now.

I'm fine on the pretty girl front, so long as she doesn't get herself killed. Again.

Again? ... [low whistle] ... Yikes. Sorry, dude. ... I tend to trade mine out pretty quick, so ... [who are you fooling, Barney? if you don't tell him, all the people who know you that aren't really there will. ... crazy logic is setting in, and it is Not Fun] ... so most of the time I just get slapped. A lot.

She's alright now. [Pause] People only stay dead here for two weeks, did no one mention?

[Have an amused chuckle] They tend to do that when you've upset them somehow.

Yeah, nobody told me that. That's ... kinda important and good to know, though.

[chuckles, too] Yeah, those pesky girls with their delicate sensibilities.

People failed to tell me until after one of my best friends died. It is a rather vital piece of information. There should be a pamphlet.

They're not as bad as they used to be. You don't know anger until a woman's tried to hammer your skull in with a fan. Those things used to be heavy.

There SHOULD. Or ... or an orientation video. I'm good at making videos ...

You mean, like, a fluttery fan, or a 'put it in the corner and keep the heat out of your room' fan?

I don't think anyone has tried with a video, yet. Quite a few residents are unfamiliar with modern technology. They might try to kill the TV or something.

Fluttery fan. They didn't have electricity for the latter type. The fluttery ones were bad enough, they expected you to understand the 'language' of them.

Hmm. Maybe not a video, then. Pamphlets are a good idea, though! We could just make one, and paste it into the journal, so everyone could see it and add to it?

... Fans had a language. Great. Well, I'm glad nobody does that anymore. I don't think I could speak Fanese.

I know my girlfriend's friend was passing them around. I don't think she added the dead thing, though. That's not her style. She likes the whole happy outlook on things.

They did. They touched their cheek meaning one thing, but touching their cheek with a close or open fan, or the top or the bottom of it meant different things. It was a sodding headache. I usually gave up and went to get drunk instead.

Yeah, I usually like the happy outlook, too, but ... knowing the dead thing is kind of important, even if it sucks. ... A lot. ... I'm not gonna die, right?

I don't know, this castle seems to be random when it choses who will die. [Pause]

I should probably say something a little more comforting than that, but I'd rather not lie.

[SIGH] ... Well, at least you're an honest bro. Thanks, Snake.

I quite like honesty, despite my reputation.

...You can call me Crowley, you know. Only people who want me hurt call me 'Snake'.

Oh! Not a good nickname. OK, got it. Sorry. Crowley, right.

... So where're you hiding out? I'm in the library with Duke and a bunch of other people. There's apparently a box with my name on it over there, but I'm not sure I wanna open it.

Not generally, no. Thank you, I much prefer Crowley.

I'm not 'hiding' anywhere. I can take on whatever this castle deems to throw at me with ease.

....A box has your name on it? That's unusual.

More power to you, then, Crowley, bro.

... If you say it's unusual, now I really don't wanna open it ...

Heh. I got that in spades.

I've never heard of it before. The journals? Sure. But a box? No.

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