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blog two!
the first man to wear pants
bro_codebreaker wrote in paradisa

Well, I got to go outside, yesterday! I saw the town. Bought a new tie tack - it's amythyst, and awesome - and got to play some soccer, and ... yeah, it was a good day. :D

Today ... I dunno. Today's a weird day. I dunno why. Anyone else getting a Weird Day vibe?


Attention, everyone! This is Barney Stinson speaking. I propose that an Awesomeness Committee be formed to counteract the weirdness. We need to get out there, rock this day's socks off, and show it that no Weird Vibe is gonna get in our way ... who's with me??

[added shortly thereafter]
Awesomeness Committee Update! It has been brought to my attention that the beach is open today! We will be meeting AT the beach! If you feel like being awesome, BEACH UP!

Stinson over and out!

Remember that weird feeling I had, yesterday? That deja-vu-y thing in the marketplace? It's back. Only worse. Like I had nightmares all night and I can't remember any of them, or something. I'm thinking it might be a good day to go find you those teddy bears, if the Awesomeness Committee doesn't pan out.

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...Awesomeness Committee.

Yeah! You know. A committee for the promotion of AWESOMENESS. We'd get together and have regular meetings, cleverly disguised as hanging out at a bar or a club or some other really awesome place, and come up with fun, awesome stuff to do.

I think "positive thinking committee" will be more... appealing to the people here, but then again, no matter what you call it, something like that probably won't be very popular.

... So everyone likes feeling weird or depressed or uncool? People LIKE a distinct lack of awesome?

But we're in a MAGIC CASTLE. How can people be such sticks in the mud?

You are a very, very strange little human, you know that?

An Awesomeness Committee? That sounds so cool!

[... X D this is so up Maya's alley]

You mean it sounds ... wait for it ... AWESOME. You want in?

[The name could perhaps use some work, but if there's going to be a society of awesome people, this one has be to in it.]

A fine idea. How would you propose we go about forming this "Awesome Committee"?

Well, a Committee's gotta have an awesome place to meet, first of all ... you got any suggestions?

(OOC: ... how ironic would it be if the Committee met in one of the safer spots ... that might be fun.)

[has relocated himself to the beach on the tenth floor. shades and swim trunks and plenty of sunscreen, because you never know about UV rays, even in a magic castle. he's also gotten a volleyball net, and may or may not be making a sand sculpture of some fashion while waiting for people to show up. .... and singing Rock Lobster by the B-52s. feel free to drop in and contribute your awesomeness!]

[XD, Maya has totally just shown up in what she was wearing... strange spirit medium robes. Anyway, have a hyper nineteen year old ready to plan some cheer, and looking around for this mysterious voice]

[Pepper a) has nothing better to do and b) thinks that maybe the beach will relax her considering the tense mood in the castle. She arrives wearing a black bikini with a wrap skirt over it and sunglasses] Are you Barney?

[Morrolan's there, sitting on a relaxing-looking beach chair. He's not technically playing in the sand. Technically. But he is waving his staff around lazily, and a pile of sand is turning into a realistic-looking sculpture of a sleeping large cat, perhaps a leopard?]

[Triela finds her way to the proper room and looks around with interest]

I can feel it too, but I thought it was because I don't have a handler with me. But if everyone feels it... something must be coming.

... What do you mean, "something must be coming"? ... I don't like the way that sounds.

I don't know. I think it must be linked with that strange object at the front of the castle.

Weird Vibe Day to say the least. Hello Barney Stinson, I'm Pepper Potts.

Hi, Pepper! Cool name. [saying "like a stripper" is not a good idea. keeps that to himself. but it's still awesome] Are you coming to the beach with all the awesome kids?


Can latesies still git in? Pleeeaaase?!

Whoa, hi! is sitting on the sand, post-volleyball, just chillin'. has asked the castle for a six-pack, but it's yet been untouched

Sure, pull up a sand dune! Or a chair, whichever!

((OOC: Backdating is your friend! :D It's all good.))

pretend this isn't a day late.........

Awesomeness... Committee...?

Re: pretend this isn't a day late.........

Yeah! Your soccer game kinda gave me the idea. There should be something that awesome going on all the time. Like, so if someone's having a bad day or whatever, they can come find someone on the committee, and they'll do something awesome.

... That doesn't sound like a bad idea. It'd be hard to keep a regular count of members in an actual committee, though. What if it were a sort of... informal club?

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