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stitchzilla wrote in paradisa
[scampering noises. here and there, everywhere... and then something picks up the journal.]


[page rustling as it is rifled through, and then ripping noises. Riiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiip.

... and the pages grow back]




[bash bash bash of journal against desk]

Eenga ish mishta! Kaga nachi!


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[is in the middle of picking a suit out of the wardrobe. can hear the banging and crashing and whatnot all the way from across the room, where he left the journal open on his bed]

Whoa, whoa, whoa, what the heck?!

[general sounds of destruction]

.... the hell is that coming from? [pulls on his jacket and goes to check the journal to see if it says anything useful. because whoever's making that racket is ... well. making him curious as hell.]

[crash of a bed being overturned]

Right. .... [obviously, something nigh on legendary is going on - whether Stitch is still in his room or has moved on to someone else's. doesn't even bother with a tie. decides to go investigate! follows the noise]

Uh, hello? Noisy but mostly antisocial type person?

[crashing and banging on floor twelve]

[and up he goes. ... stops in front of the door marked Stitch and blinks a bit. .... knocks]

Uh, hey in there! Noisy guy?

[more crashing as Stitch overturns the desk and breaks it in half, laughing crazily. He doesn't care for knocking.]

.... ooookaaaay. ... This is sounding more and more like the time Marshall studied for 64 hours straight and lost it... [eases the door open carefully. peeks in]

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