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notadefect wrote in paradisa

eve takes a moment to paste this into the journal... she used gum to stick it there, because she's too badass for glue or tape, dude. THANK YOU RINALI :( for making it ♥]


WALL-E...? [is the man in the relationship, so... here you go, wall-e!]

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... you know, I just got this book, and suddenly there's gum in it? ... Eh. [guesses it's cute enough. never mind that he wishes he'd gotten a valentine from somebody too.]

[??? an unfamiliar voice. she's never really communicated through the journal before, so have a loud beep] Name?

[the voice sounds kind of weird. he's not quite used to dictating yet, so he guesses that's why] Barney. Yep, that's me. Why didn't you use tape? [maybe she's from a world where they don't believe in tape?] Tape's better for paper.

[tape does not compute. but she's curious to know what that is, so she just tilts her head at the journal] Tape.

Tape..... [should finding this stuff be her new directive? hell yeah!!]

[Okay, so now he's curious too - what's with this chick? If she's a chick at all...] Yep, tape. [doodles a roll of tape in the margin, as his words show up on the page. ...this dictating thing is kind of freaky-neat!!] It looks like that, most of the time.

Ooooh. [she's liking this info! she scans the tape doodle and asks her all-time favourite question, tapping at the it with a retracted finger] Directive?

Huh? ... Um. The tape's directive? It uh. ... It sticks things to other things. One side is sticky and the other side ... you know. Isn't.

Is that what you mean?

[okay, that sounds better and... less messy than this gum shit. it's sticking to her sleek robotic body :( she beeps happily]

Yes. Thank you.

You're welcome, Eve! [draws a little smiley face in the journal too. for the hell of it]

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