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001 (Arrival of the awesome!)
the first man to wear pants
bro_codebreaker wrote in paradisa
[Honestly, the last thing he remembers is falling off a table at McLaren's while trying to impress some Russian girls. He wakes up lying on the floor of a room that looks like something out of the Ritz Carleton if Medieval Times bought it out. Sits up, slowly, putting out a hand to push himself up, and it lands on a hardcover book - his journal. Grunts, shaking his head. Is still pretty drunk, and his hair and suit are still wet from the pitcher of beer falling on his head. Makes a face, and sniffs at his lapel, dubiously]

Well. At least I smell like good beer. [looks around] Swaaaank. If this is where those Russian chicks were staying, I want to know what kind of exchange program they're on. [lets out a low whistle, and picks up the book, rifling through it. raises his eyebrows in surprise at the sight of his name, and then frowns, confused, at all the different handwriting and spills and doodles inside. sets it down at his side, open, and scrubs a hand over his face]

Man. I know I'm not this drunk. [stretches] ... However. This is me complaining.

[Waits for his head to stop swimming quite so much, and then gets to his feet. strips off his suit jacket and drapes it at the foot of the bed, and pads out into the hall. blinks at the nameplate on his door - 709 - and starts to wander around and see what - or who - he can see.]


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[is headed down to go outside for a bit, because let's face it. it's been slow, lately, even with his new job, and hell if he isn't bored. is in the process of lighting up a cigarette--no one's told him he can't smoke in the Castle, yet--and ... someone smells like a pub]

Bad night, yeah?

[wow, it's Billy Idol! ... well. he's pretty sure it's not, really, but STILL. it's uncanny. therefore, he might be staring, just a little. because that is AWESOME]

Actually, no, so far it's been pretty sweet. Not the first time I've woken up somewhere I didn't fall asleep or pass out. [BEAMS.] Sup?

[raises his eyebrows at him, wondering what the hell the staring is about, and takes a drag off of his cigarette. holds the smoke in for a moment, before letting it out through his nose] Take it you're new?

[or maybe someone dragged him back up here from the DeathMatch or something. who knows]

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[has no earthly clue what the DeathMatch is. he'd probably assume it was bad claymation of everyone in the castle. raises an eyebrow] Well, I wasn't born yesterday, if that's what you mean. ... If this isn't New York anymore, though, Lucy's got some 'splaining to do. Even if her name wasn't Lucy.

[snorts, amused] Definitely not New York, mate. This's Paradisa. [pauses, sobering, and then] Magic castle--which, might I add, enjoys givin' us the once over, every few months--no escape, that sort've thing.

Oh, and the kitchen's on the first floor.

[is such a helpful citizen. and barring that, he really doesn't want to have to be the one to explain the whole thing to him, so if you don't mind him? he's going to go and finish his cigarette outside, where the castle won't try putting him out, just for a laugh. or, well, that's the plan, anyway. Barney can stop him, if he'd like]

[is used to people giving him the brushoff, honestly. is a New Yorker. besides, the basics are enough for now. magic castle? awesome. kitchen? even more awesome. no escape? awe----wait.]

Wait, wait, what? No escape?

[right. apparently he isn't getting out of this one. sighs, wheeling on his heels, and shrugs] No escape, yeah. [well, sort of] Suppose you could count the town as an escape, but don't plan on gettin' back to New York any time soon. Castle lets'cha go when it bloody well feels like, and not a second sooner.

[might be just a touch bitter that it sent Giles home, since the guy was one of his few friends, but that's neither here nor there]

[considers this] Missing work isn't such a big deal, honestly - magic castles? So much cooler. But ... I was kind of at a bar. With some friends. Marshall, Lily, Robin ... and ... and .... [stops. has hit a brick wall, here. there was someone else there. he's sure of it. isn't he? maybe. ... maybe there wasn't. that's odd. frowns]

[oh, how you will come to hate it here, mate. he does, from time to time. fails to point out that this is not Magic Sunshine Sparkle Land, however--let the bloke find out on his own--and instead, he prompts] ... and?

... My wingman. ... I think I had a wingman? Maybe? ... I should have. I always do. [rolls his hand in circles, trying to coax the thought out, then snaps his fingers a few times] GEEZ! It's like when someone says "Hey! Who played what's his face in that movie with the thing and the stuff?", and you know EXACTLY what they're talking about, but you can just barely almost think of ...

[makes a face] You know what? I probably only just met the guy. Didn't even get his name. Nothing important. SO! You know what that means?

[doesn't stop to think that this other guy might be Barney's loss--he doesn't know him and he smells like if you lit a match near him, he'd go up in flames. is more interested in getting some sodding privacy, anyway, so he shrugs it off] S'it mean, then?

[this is Neku wandering down to the kitchen]

[crosses paths with him and does sort of a double take at the outfit. taps his shoulder in case he can't hear him with the headphones on, and mouths 'what are you listening to?']

(Deleted comment)
[leans forward, listening, and then headbangs in a very sedate, white-guy way. it's really more a head-bopping than a headbanging, per se. thumbs up!] Sweet! [offers up a high-five] Music five!

[Hejust might get a small smile under that ridiculous collar, as he high-fives him.] Like it?

It's awesome! I'm totally psyched now. [little smirk. ... blinks at the little green heart over the kid's head] Uhh .... [points, dubiously, naturally unaware that he's got one of his own, just as green - maybe a little bit yellowish green because he's in such a good mood] You have a thing.

Yeah, everybody does right now.

What's up with that? Is that like ... the magic part of the castle? Because someone said it was magic, a bit ago, and I'm totally down with that. But they weren't exactly big on the details. ... Or the friendliness. ... Or the rounded features. I think he could have killed me with his cheekbones. [brief little wide-eyed stare for emphasis!] True story.

It's the magic part of the castle.

Yeah, that's actually pretty normal here.

You're new?

Yeah. I hit my head when I was at the bar, and I woke up here. [looks concerned for maybe half a second, before he's grinning again, offering a hand] I'm Barney. Do I just call you Awesome Music Guy, or ...?

The clinic's on the second floor if you need it.

[there's a pause before he shakes the hand] Neku, nice to meet you.

[slips his headphones off before upping the volume so he can hear


[This would be Jude, heading in some direction on the stairs. By the smell, he gathers that he must be the bloke who just showed up.]

All right, mate?

[Crowley's wandering around somewhere in the castle. Probably contemplating on drugging the coleslaw. He hasn't done that one yet. He knows the look of a newcomer though, so sorry, Barney, you're deemed more interesting]

Before you ask, no, you're not in Kansas anymore.

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