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and one never knows what will start
- looking for trouble -
cricketycricket wrote in paradisa
-- annnnnnnd thank you for your time.

[Five watches the last of his tour groups mill away, chattering amongst each other, and leans up against a colonne with a satisfied sigh]

Well, that's enough of that to last me for a while. I must say, though, it's been an awful lot of fun. Been a good while since I set foot on Ile-de-la-Cite, though now I suppose I know it back-to-front more than any Time Lord ought. I am a bit disappointed at the lack of unexpected surprises on the tours - back home, I'd be likely to get halfway through and have to contend with a Cyberman, or a Sontaran, or a Silurian ....

[he runs a hand over the column, and frowns. what they found in Libet is still dogging him, horribly] ... or the Master. .... Oh, well. I hope everyone's had a happy Christmas, at any rate. I've gifts for some of you, but they were all in the TARDIS, and well - she's a bit fishy right now, truth be told, so you'll have to be patient with me until we're back to brass tacks. Quite sorry.

[The Ubiquitous Anti-First-Gen/Villain/What Have You Filter]

So, I had a chat with Reno Browne and Roy Harper, the other day. Thought you might like to know...


[last open Paris post for Five! he'll be wandering around Paris at large, today, being Doctory, so find him wherever you like!]

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Action! - If not too late :D

[By this point, Dairine is rather confident in her knowledge of Parisian streets. After all, she’s spent a large portion of her trip exploring them.

Which is part of the reason why Dairine is running down the street instead of walking like any sensible person would.

Unfortunately her knowledge of Parisian streets doesn’t NOT include the location of the Doctor. So when she goes around the corner, Dairine ends up running
right into him.

Um, oops?

[there is a very audible OOF as the Doctor gets the wind knocked out of him, but he manages to catch himself - and her - before they tumble to the ground]

Goodness! Are you alright?

[Dairine is briefly stunned from the impact. Did she just... Yeah, this was mostly her fault, wasn’t it. She just got lucky that this man was kind enough not to let her fall.]

Yeah, I’m fine. Sorry about that--

[….Wait. That voice. Doesn’t she… It couldn’t be…!]

3/3 - In which I have no decent icons for this

[Dairine looks up in shock, at a face she never thought she’d see again. Holy. Powers. above.

Congratulations Doctor. You’ve rendered her speechless.

[he makes sure she's steady, and then he's doing a bit of staring of his own. it doesn't last long, though, before he smiles]

So, I take it you made it out of the service corridor, did you?

[While they stare, Dairine recalls her Ordeal with vivid clarity. Her first trip off planet. It had been wonderful, exciting, and—yes, dangerous. For the first time in her life, Dairine had been truly out of her depth.

If not for a certain stranger, it could have been her last.

And if Dairine had any doubts of his identity, that statement erases them all.

You— you were at the Crossings! The man at the bar!

yeah guess who found a PDF and added to her headcanon. <3

As a matter of fact, I was.

[he picks himself up - then her, too - and dusts off his coat. as he straightens his precious celery, he glances around] And unless you're being pursued by someone else - which, 'round here, I really do hope you aren't - I think we've time for a proper introduction, this time around.

[Oh, that's right... She hadn't gotten his name back then. Was a bit busy, running for her life.

Dairine brushes herself off, but can't seem to stop staring. This almost doesn't seem real.

No, not this time. [No hostiles this time.]

Marvellous. [there's still mischief in his smile, but it's a lot broader than the last time she saw him] A pleasure to properly meet you, then - I'm the Doctor.

[and with that, he tips his hat]

[Dairine smiles back, uncertain but friendly.]

The Doctor? [It's... an odd name (or title?), though Dairine supposes she's heard stranger.]

I'm Dairine Callahan. It's good to see you again.

It's so undeniably perfectly HIM.

Yes, just the Doctor. Some here call me Lakare, though, if you'd rather. ... So, how long have you been in Paradisa, Dairine?

And without ever mentioning a name or the Tardis. Pure brilliance. *_*

No, no, the Doctor's fine.

[So he knows about Paradisa! It might not be Neets or Roshaun, but hey, it's someone she knows. ...Loosely.]

Oh, a little over a month now.

It really really is. I was skeptical, but... <3

Oh, that's not long at all in the scheme of things. ... Anything I might still be able to help you make sense of? Sometimes everyone gets most of their questions answered right off, but then again, I've known people to be here months without learning what a filter is.

Ironically, I loved the character before I even watched Doctor Who.

Long enough for me to get a feel of the place. [Not that Dairine likes it much. But knowing is half the battle. She's been reading the journal to fill in what she isn't told directly.

But there
is one topic that has been bothering her for awhile and, well, he did offer.]

What do you know about the First Gens?

Oh, quite a bit. ... Perhaps we should find a little cafe, someplace in out of the cold, where we can talk? My treat.


[Lead the way, Doctor.]

[and lead he does, finding a nice little corner cafe down a narrow alley that specializes in several different kinds of crepes. it's cramped inside, and dark, but in that cozy, comfortable way that only tiny European venues can seem to have. he settles into a booth in the back and hands her a menu]

... Let's see, it all started not too long after I arrived in Paradisa. The world changed, much as it is now, only we were in the American West, somewhere, during the 19th century. The period popularly known as the "Wild" West, if you will. We all had jobs assigned to us, as we do here - on ranches, in the small little towns ... there were two towns, though, and each town had its own leader. One town was led by a man named Whip Wilson, and the other was led by Reno Browne. They both acted as though they'd lived there their entire lives, but while we were there, a different picture started to unfold.

[he unfolds his own menu to peruse, punctuating the statement. he'll look it over and give her a few seconds to digest all of that]

[Dairine takes the menu and flips through it a bit, but most of her attention is on the story. Her face has the focused expression that she gets when documenting something to memory.]

Eventually it all came out in the wash that they'd been to the castle, before, too - that they'd been residents of it, just like you and I. Only, quite a long time ago. They'd escaped, been living out away from it, on their own. And they both acted like they knew quite a bit more about the castle and its workings than we did - maybe even what controlled and drove it. They tried to sneak out of town together, one night, but ... well. A group of residents went out after them ... and by the time I'd figured out what was going on and followed, it was far too late to prevent things from getting ugly.

[he's silent for a moment, giving the memory the weight and the respect it deserves] We caught up to them at an old mill. There was a fire ... and a gunfight ... and Whip was killed. We brought Reno back to one of the farms with us - the general concensus was that we should keep her as a prisoner. [he sounds just a bit bitter about that] ... I didn't agree in the least, but ... I treated her civilly. As anyone ought to be. She'd just lost her love, after all, and that'll undo anyone with or without being taken prisoner. ... [another sigh]

A few days later, there was a tornado that whisked us all back to the castle like something out of the storybooks -- and Reno was still with us. She stayed in her room for a day or two, then slid out under cover of night.

[Dairine stays quiet for a moment. Her first impression of the First Gens had not been a good one. But after her experiences as a wizard, she knows better than to judge too quickly. Or to condone the unnecessary taking of life, regardless of what “side” it was on.]

And that was the first case of bad blood between the residents and the First Gens. [She says, stated just certain enough to not be a question.]

To be perfectly honest? ... No, actually, I don't think it was. There are others - many others - who've managed to move out and live in the Dead Zone, far beyond the castle's influence. As a group, they're somewhat violently set against us - but only some of them. There seem to be two factions: a more peaceful, nomadic group, content to live and let live, and the ones we generally consider the First Generation, the faction who've made the attacks. Reno was part of them, yes, but ... from the few chances I've had to speak with her since she left, she doesn't share their views. I think they may have been keeping her with them to ensure that she didn't help us with our own search for answers.

[Dairine shuts up and listens, staring at her menu while she does. But once he's gotten through that she starts up again.]

But why does the one group attack us? These things don’t just happen randomly–-or at least they rarely do. There must be a reason. And if they’re willing to hold one of their own essentially hostage, [Dairine frowns at the word, but can't think of a better one. Geez, had this person been a captive of both the residents and the First Gens?] it ought to be a big one.

I don't know - though it's not for lack of trying. I've spoken with two other outsiders: Flora of Mineas Well, and Lente ... and neither of them seemed willing to say exactly why the hostile faction takes such umbrage at our residency in the castle. We must pose them some form of threat - that's the only thing that makes any semblance of sense ... though I'm completely at a loss as to what sort of threat we might unconsciously be.

[Dairine thinks.]

A territorial threat? Maybe they’ve come to consider the land theirs and that we are encroaching on it. Or maybe a castle resident attacked them a long time ago, before we even arrived. There are lots of possibilities.

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