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as she told me; son
bedninja wrote in paradisa
[ Riful ]

I do not care when you arrive here again; whether it is days away, or weeks, or years, or if I am even still residing within the Castle; and likewise, I do not care if you remember this place.

I will be here when you come back to this place, Riful. And I will make you pay for what you did.

Do not forget th--

[Pharos cuts off though, the filter going quiet. It takes him a moment, and when he finally speaks, his voice is quiet and childish yet again, unlike the dangerous threatening tone it carried just moments before.]

...you have left again?

[ /filter ]

[It takes him a few moments after ending that filter to start up another one; but as there's no one waiting on the other line, it doesn't make much difference.]

[ Filtered to anyone who knew or knew of Minato Arisato ]

As I am always the first to know, I thought it best to inform you all before anyone decided they needed to search for him - Minato has left the Castle once more.

I would be the first to know should he arrive here once more; and if he does not announce his presence, I can alert you to it if you wish to know about it, provided that he does not mind.

...It would seem there is little else for me to truly say on the matter.

[ /filter ]

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[Having been his teacher while he was here, Alleyne feels compelled to say something. She doesn't know who this is, but if they knew Minato as well, she should at least offer gratitude for informing them.

Still though, two of her friends in one week. Rough. She'll remain composed, though.

A great loss, indeed. Thank you for telling us.

Should he return, I'd like to know, even if he won't remember us.

Then I will be sure to tell you if he does. Even if he does not remember, I doubt he would object to becoming an acquaintance of yours again.

[His tone also holds the slight forced quality of someone that is keeping their composure; a little too calm, a little too level. But it shows no signs of breaking anytime soon.]

What name should I filter to should he come back?

[She's had more than enough time practicing and sadly more than enough experience with people leaving; her voice is low and still.]

I'm Alleyne; I taught him combat and other survival skills while he was here. And you are?

I would say it is a pleasure, but under the circumstances, I cannot say that I truly find the sentiment fitting.

I am Pharos; and I have been by Minato's side for a very long time, within the Castle and within his own world as well.

How odd it is then we've not met before now, if we were in such close proximity to the same person. Either way, fair met to you. How did you know him?

[aw, buddy. he's seen this so many times, but still doesn't know how to approach it. so, well, facts first.]

At least I got to have a proper conversation with him this time.

...You were able to speak with him before he left?

[O-oh. He didn't know this. It kind of feels like he should've known this.] What did you think of him?

Mm. From that... he seemed quiet, but thoughtful. I did not dislike speaking with him.

Minato has been that way for as long as I am able to remember.

[His tone is slightly more pleased now, though. If only a little.]

I am glad that you were finally able to speak with him; even if he will not remember it the next time he is here.

[he hadn't known him for long, but -]

Dammit! ... Well ... I hope he at least goes home to somethin' good.

[you shouldn't have asked, Mark...]

[....He really shouldn't have. There's a very, very long silence following it, and when Pharos speaks again his voice is pretty much devoid of anything even remotely childlike.]

What happens to Minato is no business of yours.


[ her hands shake on her end, so glad he can't see it. that's... really scary. ]

He didn't mean to.

[There's more silence on his end, though it ebs much faster this time; and when he speaks this time, though he still sounds somewhat angry, he sounds more upset now as well. More childish. More like him.]

He has no right to ask about something like that. None of them do!

We don't do it to be mean or nosy. It sounds like he knew Minato-kun and wants the best for him.

[ her voice is small but she manages to stay as calm as possible. DON'T PISS OFF DEATH... but more importantly, don't hurt pharos' feelings. ]

Whoa... [but once the shock wears off, there's anger] Who're you to tell me that?! We were friends, dammit!

Someone that has been beside Minato for years longer than you have, and who will still be beside him regardless of what awaits him.

Simply being friends with him in this place entitles you to nothing.

...How disappointing. I never got to meet him.

Perhaps you will be able to meet him the next time he comes here. Last time it did not seem to take very long before he had arrived here once more.

Well, it doesn't matter I guess... You haven't met my sister, either.

I suppose I have not, have I? ...It almost seems like a shame.

[Stocking hears this entry and drops her teacup, ignoring the sound of it shattering on the ground as she looks at her journal. Her now empty hand trembles as she pulls it over and rereads the entry once, twice, three times.

Then the journal is dropped, too, as she throws on her shoes and leaves to find Minato's room — or former room. Once she sees the blank nameplate, she calls her journal back up as she enters and sits in the empty room, speaking softly.

This isn't fair... It's not fair to him...

Do you think that I am not aware of that fact?

...I know better than anyone how unfair this is to Minato. Bu no matter what I am able to do, I am not able to bring people back to this place once they have left.

[And even if he could... he couldn't bring Minato back. That's something only the Castle can do.]

This place sucks. [First Panty, now Minato. Just great.

She tunes Pharos's response out for the most part, although something he says does catch her attention.
] What you are able to do...?

I hardly see how asking me such things at a time like this is in any way appropriate. I am in no mood to be offering you any explanations.

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