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[ Riful ]

I do not care when you arrive here again; whether it is days away, or weeks, or years, or if I am even still residing within the Castle; and likewise, I do not care if you remember this place.

I will be here when you come back to this place, Riful. And I will make you pay for what you did.

Do not forget th--

[Pharos cuts off though, the filter going quiet. It takes him a moment, and when he finally speaks, his voice is quiet and childish yet again, unlike the dangerous threatening tone it carried just moments before.]

...you have left again?

[ /filter ]

[It takes him a few moments after ending that filter to start up another one; but as there's no one waiting on the other line, it doesn't make much difference.]

[ Filtered to anyone who knew or knew of Minato Arisato ]

As I am always the first to know, I thought it best to inform you all before anyone decided they needed to search for him - Minato has left the Castle once more.

I would be the first to know should he arrive here once more; and if he does not announce his presence, I can alert you to it if you wish to know about it, provided that he does not mind.

...It would seem there is little else for me to truly say on the matter.

[ /filter ]
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