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bogusmagic wrote in paradisa
[The following is written in the journal very neatly:]

→13th century, French, mireor from mirer ("look at").
→Latin, mīror ("wonder at") from mīrus ("wonderful").

→silver amalgams

→Said to be a reflection of the soul.
→Used in "scrying".
→Breaking of a mirror → 7 years bad luck.
→Grinding or burying the mirror to prevent the reflection of a broken soul.
→Mirrors covered during wakes.
→Buddhism: circular mirror prevents bad spirits from entering a home with a triangular roof.
→Medusa and the mirrored shield.

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Building us a funhouse, Yuki?

...... What? [Unfamiliar with that term D:]

You know, mirrors to make people look fat or thin or upside down...


I see.

That is entertainment?

In theory. Hence the 'fun'.


This is not for entertainment.

Somehow I guessed as much. So should I even ask what's with the Einsteinian scribbles?

Possible theories that explain its existence. They may be useful in removing it.

I guessed that part. But what mirror where?

A mirror created by the Greek goddess of chaos and discord.

A lot of those around here, are there?

Goddesses? [Or... chaos and discord. There's lots of both, really.]

Perhaps Cair Paradisa prefers them.

So where'd she leave this troublesome mirror?

With an individual. It follows him.

No. That would be an easily preventable form of locomotion.

I'm pretty sure I'm going to lose this guessing game.

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