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Lente's Point Expedition - Departure
lord_wizard wrote in paradisa
Filtered to everyone who has expressed interest in the expedition and away from the First Gen's

[It's early morning, and all is relatively quiet until something unexpected breaks the calm over the journals. The merry ringing of a metal bell. A bright, chipper, probably unbearably loud noise to anyone who wished to sleep in. Didn't know you ordered a wake up call, huh? Felix made sure to ask the ghosts to open everyone's journal just for this. Aren't you glad.]

Good morning, everyone. I do hope you're all packed, because the expedition is set to begin shortly!

Please bring any personal supplies and meet down in the lobby. The sooner we leave the better.


[Felix will be waiting for the volunteers as they arrive. He's dressed pretty much how he always does, his only concessions to practicality being the tight navy blue riding pants (which match his jacket, of course) and the light cotton shirt he wears until his bright green vest, which is free of his cravat and any extraneous ruffles. For him, it's practically plain.

This man is your leader. Be afraid.

((ooc: Wait for sections to go up before tagging, please. Let's do this! This post is for the departure ONLY. All posts from the arrival at the Dead Zone border onward will be in paradisabeyond , which will go up as soon as I've had a few hours sleep. Orz. If I forgot to tag you in, or tagged you in by accident, please feel free to message me. [People meeting at the border will be tagged in then]

An Announcement

The Plot Schedule Post is here))

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[While this expedition is certainly missing some of that military precision of it's predecessors, Felix has at least bothered to learn from those who went before him. Even before arriving the bulk of the supplies are already loaded into the TARDII, which await nearby.

All there is to do now is gather the team. Chill out and make some friends, because you'll be getting to know each other a lot better the next few days

[A little less boisterous than usual, Cain is stood waiting by the TARDII with a pack on his back. He's dressed up in UNASF all-weather uniform and certainly looks ready to go.]

[ And Kitty's down early-on time for this expedition. She managed to get her last few things packed in her back pack before going to sleep and then added a couple more items that morning. She has her whistle around her neck, thank you Lois, and looks about all ready to go. She even remembered to wish up some practical shoes ]

[A disheveled looking head pops out of the newer of the TARDII and grins at everyone before stepping out and leaning against the side.]

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[When everyone has finally assembled, Felix will clear his throat to quiet the chatter before he speaks up, his voice ringing clear]

I want to thank all of you for your time an interest in this expedition. It would not be possible with all of your efforts, though not least of which for the Doctors here, who put in a great amount of work outfitting their TARDII for the trip and lending their use to use to us, as well as Ashura and Galadriel for putting together the food supplies.

Hopefully you are all aware of what our goals are - in short, to explore the location known as Lente's Point. Anything we can learn about this world on the way will be valuable, so do keep your eyes open as we go.

These expeditions are a new thing for many of us, though a good number of you have done this before. That said, I would like to suggest that the more experienced members - Rin, Allen, Arthur, Ino, Ashura, Alleria, Junior, and the Doctors Five and Eleven - to guide the rest of us as needed. If you are feeling especially ambitious, I may also suggest forming small traveling groups to oversee tasks such as scouting or preparing camp.

Do speak up now if you have any suggestions on who should be responsible for what, or if you do not wish a leadership role of any type. I won't force anyone.

That said, we'll depart shortly to the Dead Zone border. Kat and her team should be meeting us there.

Any questions?

I have training in expeditions in all terrain, as well as being extensively schooled in survival techniques.

[Which was a nicer way of saying he was built for it.]

I would be happy to assist in any way necessary.

I'd be more than happy to lead a group, should anyone wish to join me.

[Also more than happy to speak up before Junior insists he needs a babysitter... again.]

I'll take point on a small group, if we need to. Nothing I haven't done before.

[clearing his throat and speaking up a bit]

I only ask that anybody working on research and data-gathering report to me.

[a vague gesture] Compiling notes in one place, and all that.

Like I said before, I'm at your disposal, man. [ you just don't want him COOKING anything and you're gravy ]

Should we discover we've forgotten a specific supply upon reaching the border of the Dead Zone, I can procure it before we cross over.

[For unicorn magic rocks.]

I can handle most of the pack animals, if you like, and for those of you who get weary it might be possible to rotate riding on the animals.

I've helped put up tents before, if anyone needs help when we're there. [ Her usefulness in the wild, it's limited ;; ]

[Enough dawdling. Everyone into the TARDII. Gawk, yawn, or freak out, cause it's time to go!

Doc, this is all you...

[It's nothing like the shuttles he's ever used before, but it's certainly interesting and his gaze is sharp as he ducks inside and looks around.]

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