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| why is clark not wearing pants?
loisfuckinglane wrote in paradisa
[Filtered away from those with intent to manipulate or harm residents of Cair Paradisa]

I've had contact with an outside source, someone who lives outside the castle, who's relayed some seriously disturbing info. Figured everyone would want a heads up. And before you even ask, no, I won't reveal my sources. As for how reliable this is, I'd say we take it with a grain of salt, since I've only spoken with this person over the journal, and can't really vouch for their honesty factor. The whole Deep Throat routine's a little shady, sure, but they did give me a name to work with, and I'll look into finding out what I can about them in my own way.  It sounds like they've got some friends who definitely aren't our biggest fans, at least.  

They told me they're able to monitor what I'm going to refer to as the Live Zone – anywhere where magic functions in the immediate vicinity of the castle – and that they were able to keep an eye on what happened during the Dead Zone disappearances some months back. While they weren't able to tell me anything specific, they did claim that the kidnappings weren't conducted by anyone who we'd call 'an outsider' – and heavily implied that someone around here was trying to run experiments on not only how the Dead Zone functioned, but on our own communication methods, and the way we reacted to a crisis situation. In other words, like we've considered before, they said it WAS a test, and that anyone who was watching would have been able to learn quite a bit about us.  If they're right though, we're not dealing with First Gens.  

Of course, this could just be a ploy to get us all paranoid and start some kind of witch hunt for whoever's out to run experiments on us.  

On top of this, they said something else unsettling regarding those items that were retrieved out of the Lost Room in Insolitus. According to my source, there's some kind of monster going after those things, which could put anyone in possession of one in danger. If that's the case, we need to figure out a way to keep everyone who's got one safe. Who's got the list of everybody in possession of one? I swear I've seen it floating around before.  My source said they weren't  sure anyone in the castle would be able to stand against this thing, and considered that they've been monitoring our capabilities... I'm not sure I like that assessment.  


On a happier note, since Lex Luthor's left the building, Clark and I are breathing a little easier about throwing this party we planned awhile back.   Is anybody planning some kind of fiesta we should know about when we get to rescheduling?


We need to talk.


Not that you need it, but I'm checking in anyways. Try not to be too offended.

the good guy filter

[ ... ]

I got something from that room the other day.

Were you part of the expedition into Insolitus?

How much more treasure from the Cave of Wonders did you guys grab, exactly?

I'm guessing this is going to be about Claire.

So there's another party outside the first generation...

And I have one of those items. Nothing's come after me so far.

That's the vibe I got.

How long have you had it?

While I highly doubt I would have any need to worry about such a creature, the thought of someone potentially attacking Castle residents simply to gain access to these items... it is rather worrying.

But I am in possession of two of the items as of this moment.

And you haven't heard of or seen anything suspicious?

Anything more useful on this monster, or just the assessment of what we can't do?

[ Certain memories of Slenderman at the start... ]

If they've been able to monitor from outside our "Live Zone," did they manage to tell you anything about how long they might have noticed someone from within "experimenting" on the boundaries, and our own apparent reactions?

They called it 'the beast that covets' and apparently they saw it, but it wasn't them it was after. That's all I could get out of them.

They monitor from somewhere in the Live Zone, I think is what they meant. Just not in the castle. They live somewhere between here and the Dead Zone.

And the only thing they brought up was the disappearances - nothing before that.

[Monster? Coming after anyone with a Lost Room item? Congratulations, you now have a panicky dog howling into the journal.]

Hey, Fido, crank it down a notch.

GG filter 4 everrrrr

--Something's seriously coming after them?? The items?

According to my sources, yes.

I've still got all the plans for your party, for when you figure out a date.

good guy filter | written forever, since dictation is awkward right now

Rin might have the list? I know Raine was trying to keep track of them as well...

I have the train schedule from that room. [But he's not giving it up for anything. He likes his awesome concealed knife.]

I'll ask her, then.

Train schedule? What train schedule?

First Oliver, and now you? You really should get together and compare notes.

[But she said try not to be too offended, so she'll just...Hop subjects] Clark is involved in throwing a party?

Sorry, I haven't talked to him lately.

Shocker, I know.

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It gets really suspicious when all these people we meet conveniently can't tell us something. Why weren't they able to? That and the First Gens want to keep us out of the Dead Zone –– actively getting involved with us contradicts that, and if they ever wanted to see us in a crisis situation, they have journals to watch every one of them. It doesn't really match up.

And that said, most of the items are fairly useless. I have one; it's actually pretty counterproductive.

[He'll get to rescheduling laterrrrr.]

That's one thing I always felt about Flora. But this wasn't because of a loss - they were afraid of incurring the wrath of their compatriots, I guess.

There's gotta be something we're missing about them.

Well, that's some rather interesting information. Could you clarify for me, though, if the person behind these so-called tests would be, by those criteria, a resident or a Paradisa native?

A resident, is what I was told. Well, someone who was a resident, and not in the First Generation.

[Guy takes a deep breath.]

Hello again. When last we met, the castle had turned me into a wolf and left me to "speak," as it were, like a complete idiot. My apologies for the annoyance. I daresay it was no fun for me, either...

[He then peers down at his journal.]

Are we certain these strange... devices can be trusted? If there is indeed a spy among us, they could easily glean information about us via the journals - perhaps even use them to manipulate us. Do you think it's possible that they could've found a way around our privacy controls, allowing them to read the very things we wish to keep secret?

[Guy thinks back to how Robin Hood managed to rob a seemingly impenetrable strong room, right from under their noses. Arrow traps, illusions, molten lead - nothing had stopped the wily outlaw from robbing them of their treasure. He cracks a grin.] Sorry for the sudden paranoia. It's just been my experience that nothing is truly secure. There's always a way in, if one wants it bad enough...

Edited at 2011-05-20 10:57 am (UTC)

Glad to hear you're yourself again, at least.

Actually, we can't really be certain of that at all. In fact, if this castle is controlled by somebody or something, it seems likely that person or thing would be able to read anything we write, regardless of filters, since they gave us the things in the first place. So maybe there is a way around.

I have the camera.

I wonder if they meant the alien that lives in the insolitus...

[Jelly of that secret source, Lois. But she'll leave it for the moment.]

There's something living in there?

Regarding your source... if anything should go amiss, please let us know, alright Miss Lois? This situation doesn't seem very pleasant, does it...

And, ah-- about the items from the Insolitus... I'm a little uneasy...

Has anyone been targeted already?

I'll be careful, don't worry, Father.

I think 'not very pleasant' is swinging way over onto the understatement side of things.

Uneasy because you have one, or is this a general kind of unease?

Not sure yet. That's one reason I thought I'd put this out there. My source told me they saw the creature going after someone else, I think.


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