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awkward ⋙ you quiver like a candle
clarklike wrote in paradisa
[dictated; calm and clear.]

For those that don't know, a strange tree showed up on the lawn this morning, and it has traces of human blood on it. Knowing Paradisa, it probably isn't benign, so it's important that we all keep an eye out.

I'd also like to request that everyone checks on their friends, family and neighbours. This could be a false alarm, but until it's confirmed, please be careful and try to keep everyone else informed.

Thank you.

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Before you get worried, I'm fine.

Is that what the Doctor was talking about?

I'm not worried. [Yet. Will be getting there very shortly, though.]

Yes, that's the one. Have you seen the tree yet?

Good. [Stay that way.]

No, where exactly is it? [SO SHE CAN LOOK]


South of the castle. East along the treeline from the stables. I'll go with you. [It is dark out.]

I'll bring a flashlight.

Good, because I don't have night vision.

Let me get my coat. I'm in my room.

[wooshes over that way and lets himself in.]

Wow, I even managed to get my coat half on. [She puts the other arm through, and picks up the flashlight.] Let's go see this thing.

[spammity spam spammmmmmm... I haven't gotten any notifs since 8 am so I might be slowish.]

[Slight smile. Things aren't totally grim yet.]

I'm surprised you weren't the first out there.

no worries, take yo' time

You'd be surprised how even the most ever vigilant of us mere mortals sometimes have to look away from the journal for a little while before we go cross eyed. [And out into the hallway they go~]

[He takes her hand.]

Unlucky timing, then.

[She squeezes his as they head down.] Well, the thing's still there, right? Unless it got up and walked away, which would just be an extra layer of creepy.

Just uprooted its legs and walked away like some sort of spider tree? I would hope not.

Hey, that might explain how the thing was bleeding, at least. If it just looked a lot like a tree.

<333333333333 x ∞ B)

Possibly. We can't even get a look at what's inside.

Sounds like a classic case of the castle trolling us.

At least we can hope that's all it really is.


He shakes his head.]

I'm cautiously optimistic that there isn't anything deeper to it.

So have those blood samples yielded anything yet?

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