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026 ♕ [voice/action | joint post]
| live every week like its shark week
loisfuckinglane wrote in paradisa
Ok, so it looks like this place has suffered through more shotgun weddings or sudden engagements than Vegas on a good day thanks to V-Day...  

But hopefully all that wackiness has died down by now, so that we-- [She bumps Clark's elbow so that he'll speak up]  Say something, honey so they know you're there.

[Clark's voice cuts in with only:]  Hello...   [Before Lois promptly cuts him off again]

So that we can break some real news.

[She sounds purely jubilant, and after only the most infinitesimal of pauses, she bursts out with it:]

Clark and I are engaged.

[She tries, sort of, to rein her tone, but she's still grinning ear to ear, and it's easy to hear.]

Technically, we got engaged back home, but it wasn't really the world's best timing to announce when I got back here.  But we wanted to let everyone know.

We're down in the lobby if you want to see the ring.  Rings, actually, Smallville's got one too.

[After a moment of wondering if she's done, Clark tacks on:]  Cheers everyone.

[Open over the journals, or down in the lobby where she is forcing her poor hapless fiancee to sit with her.  :'D]

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Congrats, officially.

Thanks, Bruce. [Sinking in that... oh, right, she forgot to mention this to Smallville, she murmurs to Clark:] I sort of already told Bruce. And Kara. But that's all!

[ Clark, you're getting tacklehugged at superspeed. Because cousin has been excite about this since Lois told her. ]

Whoa--[he's glad he has superreflexes, because that makes it a lot easier to catch her at superspeed, though he still has to take a step back to soften that landing.] Kara!

Congratulations. I hope you live for a long time and have many fat babies. And that he doesn't leave you or cheat on you and unlike most relationships I've experienced or witnessed, it doesn't end horribly.

[...Anya is trying to be positive. Really.]


I don't think that'll be a concern, now or ever.

[Except for the fat babies part. That probably won't happen. Not even gonna touch the live-for-a-long-time thing. Oh boy]

[a soft huff of what could be a laugh, but that's mostly at the fact that Clark can't seem to get in a word edgewise]



Oh my god! Lois, congratulations!

Oh, and uh. You too, Clark. Whoever you are.

You don't know Clark?? We'll have to fix that.

[Aside to him] Honey, you really need to get out more.

[When Crowley first comes across this, he decides it's some pain-induced delirium, and decides that sort of thing is best to sleep off.

When he checks his journal later, it's still there

Huh. Congrats. How did you ask him?

[Because he steadfastly refuses to believe Clark would propose as much as he refuses to believe Clark would ever have sex. The two go hand in hand]

On the roof for our Not-Valentine's Day dinner.

It wasn't as good as his, but I haven't heard him complaining.

/breaks hiatus for like... two mins... ALSO DICTATED 4EVER

[ somehow this comes as a surprise to karen but... there's a big smile on her face as she hears this.

the way it's supposed to be. clark and lois. forever. ]

Congratulations, both of you.

Thank you! [She's still a little surprised to hear from Karen after how awkward things have been, but... WHATEVER, EVERYONE NEEDS TO BE HAPPY FOR THEM, she'll take it without questioning.]

[ sounding shocked!!1 ]

Seriously? Huh... Well, congrats. To the both of you.

Excellent. I love weddings.

That makes one of us. [JUST KIDDING, if it's her wedding, that means it will be superior to all others. 8| Or else.]

I'm not sure that means we're... having a Paradisan wedding, exactly, I mean hopefully we'll all be out of here before that would happen.

[He is just... beaming over the journal.]

Ah, congratulations, you two!

Farmboy's tying the knot? Congrats!

[ at least she had time to regain her composure since clark already told her ]

I already told Clark, but not you yet, so... Congratulations!

[ this is weird. is this weird? yes it is. hi lois ]


[ She is awkward and so is not thinking that it's best/polite to congratulate the two people she doesn't know just yet! But]

Lois Lane. Author of the write-up on this place?

[Clark's getting to read this over her shoulder, but she doesn't care.]

That's the one. Who's this?

[deal with it B)]

All right! Congratulations!

So, there's gonna be a party, right? Are you guys thinking of getting married here?

You know what? There should be a party.

Clark, can we have a party?

... As for where, we don't know yet.

[muffled laugh]


Congratulations guys! I'm happy for you both.

[Likes how obvious it is Superman is WHIPPED over the journals.]

Congratulations, you two!

[Sho' is ;D]

It looks like we might even be having a party.

Congratulations, Clark--! And Miss Lois...

This is a nice change of pace! Good news. Very good--! I'm very happy for the both of you...

Thank you, Abel. This place could do with more good news.

[holy crap someone else who's engaged, MAYBE THEY CAN COMMISERATE ABOUT THE CASTLE'S SHIT PUTTING THEIR WEDDING DATE IN PERPETUAL LIMBO. Have a cheerful Scottish voice, guise]


[SERIOUSLY, stupid castle 8| ]

Thank you!

[simply written, as always]


[uh... I've dropped a tag, haven't I. FML]

[ ... Oh. Real nuptials. Look at the emotionally functional couple. Forcing herself past that butthurt and sadface of her horrible Valentine's life. ]

Congratulations, you guys. I'm really happy for you. I'd better be invited and get to help plan the bachelorette party, though.

[Happy. Yay.]

Thank you, Claire.

Congratulations. I'd suggest a drink to celebrate, but I worry about Lois's blood alcohol level.

[he teases because he cares, Lois]

Hey, this would be drinking for a completely healthy reason.

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