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Ho hummmm.
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clarklike wrote in paradisa
[Clark's been pretty scarce. It's a bit hard to disappear for a bit when he has to keep an eye on Lois and make sure nothing spills over, but keeping under the radar's never been hard. And even if he could disappear, he doesn't have his giant ice fortress here to vanish into.

In a couple days, they would start part two of it all, anyway.

The kitchen is a high traffic zone, so instead he'll just be letting himself into the library, finding a quiet table and sitting down with his coffee and his paper. He'll make an entry when he's found the words for it.

Until then, he's just going to hang out somewhere that isn't his or Lois' rooms.

The library's (usually) pretty relaxed, anyway.]

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[Lois finds her way into the library with her own cup of fresh brewed coffee, and comes up behind him, trailing a hand along his shoulders as she steps around into view and plunks down in a chair.]

News as vanilla as ever?


I don't know, pottery sales are really daring for the city.

I'd love to sneak a real article in there, give the townspeople a good morning jolt with their cup of Joe. Not that they probably actually process what they're reading anyways.

Chloe tried, a couple years ago, but she ended up starting her own when they refused everything. They like things nice and simple, and nothing is more simple than local sales and minor curiosities.

It's not a bad idea, and if I knew more about the actual production end of things, I'd pick up where she left off. Did she actually print them, somewhere?

The office is still in town, and her laptop is buried somewhere in my closet. You two left shortly before the first issue went out, so I did that myself and then gave up on it.

It'd be a lot for just three people to do. But I'd at least be more than a little curious to see what kind of info she put together on that computer.

[Private property, what is that.]

Any idea what Chloe's passwords would have been when she was fifteen?

[Sigh.] I still don't even remember her middle name. Or anything else about her, for that matter.

That much didn't change even with a trip home and back.

I'm pretty sure it's "Anne."

I'll see if I can figure it out. [Which reminds him...] I need to figure out the encryption on the Danger Room keys, too, so I might as well make a day of it.

And while you're playing Locksmith Larry, Yuki and I are going to team up to put our heads together on some research. We're divvying up sections in the journal to make it easier to compile information. She's got amazing recall.

Yuki's the quiet teenage girl with the glasses, right?

That's the one. You know, there's something off about her, and I still can't figure out what it is. Do you know that when I talked to her about New Year's resolutions, she couldn't grasp the idea of people setting life goals for themselves? It was like I was speaking Chinese to her. She just didn't get why it was necessary.

Sounds like she's either from an alien culture very far removed from Earth, or she's some sort of machine missing some programming. That or she's just very socially impaired.

Either way, I'm hoping spending some time with her doing this research will give me a chance to maybe get one step closer to figuring out which one of those it is.

Why don't you just ask?

I sort of tried that once-ish, but she was kind of hedge-y when it came to answers, and there's only so many ways you can phrase that question.

But I can try again.

Ok, so it was more of a roundabout interrogation than a straight-out "So are you human or not?" But she told me that where she comes from, not everyone acts the way that she does, though she didn't offer up any sort of explanation for why she acts that way.

You tell me: is it rude to just ask her if she's from another planet? Is that some kind of faux pas?

I'm not sure. Unless she grew up on another planet, chances are she's just a bit of a recluse... but then again, she could be an AI. Brainiac was believable enough to pass as a human. York has one, here, too.

I don't think it's rude in Paradisa, but if she's not open about it, leave her alone. She might not want people to know.

[But leaving alone is hard, Clark :C ]

It's worth a shot, at least.

[Taking a sip of her coffee, she decides it's time for an awesome Subject!Change]

So what do you think about all this bizarre behavior going around?

[Damn those people for wanting privacy. :')]

I've been watching the journals, but I haven't exactly interacted with any of them. Things will settle down soon, hopefully.

[Who do they think they are, Fort Knox :|]

Hopefully before someone goes completely off the deep end.

If it happens, I or someone else will step in. [After last month, everyone is undoubtedly on their guard.]

[That's where her thoughts go as well, and she becomes momentarily very interested in examining the dull front page of the paper for a few moments. She really doesn't want the conversation to take a turn down that dark road again. She knows she'll have enough of it to deal with in a couple of days.]

[Confidently:] I know you will.

[Her eyes catch a mention of upcoming Valentine's Day sales down at the bottom of the page and she decides it makes for an artful segue.] You know, it's kind of strange that this place celebrates all these Hallmark holidays, don't you think? I wonder how those ideas got imported here in the first place.

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