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022 ♕ The Burning Prince [action] | closed
♕ i've been stripped of everything
servesisis wrote in paradisa
[Isis has waited thousands of years to be reunited with Osiris, as everybody who's come within fifty feet of her is sure to know by now thanks to her cramming that fact down all their throats.  The time for patience is over: she's come too close to fail once again, and she knows the residents of the castle are plotting against her.  Who knows how many more of the inhabitants of this castle possess Claire's infuriating ability to regenerate?

She needs a fully mortal sacrifice,  and as such, she decides its easier to play the odds if she stacks them in her favor.  Residents have gone missing over the past several days, blasted into unconsciousness by powerful magic spells.  When they awake, they'll find themselves strapped to slabs created out of what are probably fallen chunks of ceiling from somewhere in the castle.  The
rope that binds them isn't real 'rope' at all, but braided directly out of glowing magic.  After a moment, they'll be able to perhaps recognize the room they've found themselves in:

It's the castle ballroom.  

Isis moves around the room, chanting to herself as she strengthens the magical wards that cloak the room with the illusion that it's empty.  A more powerful ward would drain her of power -- and she'd like to be in peak condition in case one of the intended sacrifices pulls out some idiotic attempt at escape.  

One of the slabs stands upright in the middle of the room, to which Jonothan Starsmore is bound.  Besides him sits the
urn in which Isis has Osiris' heart.

In other words, it's just another Sunday in Paradisa.]

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[Isis' back is turned for the moment as she strengthens her wardings, but good luck getting out anyways. Those ropes are tight, and she seems less than concerned about any of you getting away...]

[Reno is awake and looking around, definitely strapped to a table]

...Yeah, I hate my life.

[SHE'S PASSING YOU BY FOR NOW, DON'T YOU FEEL LUCKY? Torturing you with Sister is much more fulfilling. She really hates that Winchester.]

[Sam is ... currently doing the struggling against the bindings thing but it's hard when you've been tossed around and hurt like a bitch. But he's trying anyway, eyes scanning the exits, looking for a way for him to get out]

... C'mon.

[Isis moves to the table and picks up an elaborate ceremonial dagger, examining it and moving through the sacrifices before stopping in front of Sam.]

You escaped death once at my hand. You will not be so lucky this time.

[Sister was passed out for some time, but now she has awoken. Your lives have got that tiny bit worse]

Awwww shit, what's going on? Did I agree to some sort of S and fucking M cult while I was drunk?

Pretty sure none of us agreed to this...

[He's meanwhile now trying to reach into his pocket near his tied up hand to see if he can pull out anything to get himself out]

[Kat's struggling while she assess the situation grimly, infinitely frustrated by all this magic crap. All her strengh and training and augmentations were useless against the bonds.]

[Leia's been awake for a while, trying all the various tricks she knows to get out of the bindings.]

One day, this will stop hapening to me. [She doesn't appear to be too concerned]

[As if Washington was the type to give a damn how unlikely the escape is. He's still fighting to get loose and extremely unhappy about the restraints. Actually, it's more bordering on fear, not that he'll ever admit to that. Even injuring himself on the damn magic ropes is better than nothing. And he may be growling something less than flattering under his breath about the one that captured him. "Rotten bitch" is the nicest part of it.]

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[Brennan wakes up quietly, noticing the ropes binding her as soon as she attempts to reach for her head. It hurts and she doesn't know where she is. But she recognizes the (unfortunately) familiar situation.

But she's not alone. And it looks like some people have been awake longer than her.]

Does anyone know where we are?

[Yeah, this was not on Nancy's To Do list at all. She sits, glaring up at Isis with hate. HAAAAATE.]

The fuck is your problem, lady?

Che! What the hell is this?!

[THIS IS ONE IRRITATED MAN, WHY DOES THIS KEEP HAPPENING TO HIM; he is struggling against his binds pretty ferociously. If he had his Innocence, this wouldn't have happened. He notices he can't break the rope, even with his strength. That means-]

Tch... magic.

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[has been fairly quiet and still throughout this nightmare, except for a bit of initial struggling against the ropes, just enough to realize that she's not going anywhere.

When people start dying, however, it's enough to break through that cloud of fear, enough for her to break her silence with an upset sob and renewed struggling.

[Isis is Not Pleased to have yet another magically healing victim on her hands. She turns from Kanda, her expression a torrent of emotion, to survey the other victims. She had hoped to perhaps spare some of them, but it looks like now it will have to be all, for the spell to succeed.

Who's next?]

[ The second Claire says she's setting up the call to arms, Kara zooms off, not going full-speed, lest anyone be wandering the halls to get caught in her wake, but definitely fast. Towers, Claire had said, so it's the towers Kara checks first.

It takes her longer than she'd like, searching every room, but it's what she has to do to make sure she doesn't overlook anything. When she finally stumbles (literally, her boot catches on something) across the threshold, her first thought is that it smells like blood. Guilt makes her pause for half a second before she shoves it away. Kara could guilt about not being fast enough later. Right now, she needed to talk to Isis, keep her distracted until the others came... and probably find a way to stay between her and the other sacrifices.

Which could be slightly difficult, considering the fact she's feeling a little weak. Has been, since she entered the room. Goddamn magic. She puts on her game face, though, and straightens. ]

Hello, Isis.

[So far, Jono's just been largely sitting quietly, trying to break free, but really just waiting for his moment. When Kara enters, however, his expression changes. He didn't know she'd be coming.]

{Ain' you a sight fer sore eyes. Come t'try an' talk some sense inta th' killer god lady?}


[The hit it will give to her power to expend this much energy is apparently worth it: Kara Zor-El warned her that others were coming, and that they knew how to return her to imprisonment in the amulet. She can't risk it, so she moves about the room, pouring her power into the illusion wards to reinforce them with a magical barrier which functions as an invisible brick wall.

Once finished, she turns back to her victims, moving to pick up the urn. Carefully, she removes from it the heart - which actually beats in her hand, watered with the blood of the sacrifices. She turns around, her eyes locking on Jono.]

[Flying through the open castle doors, Shayera lands in the lobby, a scowl on her face as she glances around for someone. Seeing Clark, she makes her way over. Her tone is not a happy one.]

The Satis tower's clear. That makes all of them, so they must have moved. They wouldn't have had time to go to the city, and someone would have seen them, right?

[He looks at her.]

Would they? It's magic.

[He turns on the spot, looking around the "lobby", though he's really looking all around the castle. His eyes fall on the back end of the kitchen, the poolroom, the ballroom...]

She has to be hiding them in plain sight. We just can't see them.

[Whoever passes the ballroom now will no longer see the illusion Isis had erected to make it appear empty. Shayera's mace has shattered those magical wards, and now a scene of destruction lies beyond its open doors. The floors are slicked with the blood of various sacrifices, strapped to slabs of concrete spread around the altar in the center, several of them unmoving. On top of this, there's a gigantic hole blasted in the wall where she threw Superman into the kitchen -- and Supergirl lies dead not far from that hole.

Jono's fire rages around him, and he's broken free of the restraints that held him to one of the slabs ... but he's been knocked to the ground, and Isis is flying directly at Hawkgirl, wielding one of the slabs of ceiling like a hammer and about to land a possibly fatal blow...]

[Never fear, Bird-Lady, there are heroes here! Well, actually no, you get Crowley. Sorry. That's kind of a fail consolation prize. He steps in looking at the bloody, nasty mess that is now the ballroom]

We'd best not let the Valentine's day ball planners see this. They'd never get that out of the walls.

[He gives Isis a wave and her lovely little slab of death has vanished into non-existence. It wasn't a good deed. It was an accident. He was aiming for something else] I'm saving you a headache later, trust me.

(Deleted comment)
(Deleted comment)
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(Deleted comment)
[All Booth's earlier anger is gone now, buried under the surface as he focuses on the task at hand.

Gun held ready (whatever use that will be), he stops outside the ballroom as the first wave of heroes pours in. As the fighting begins again, he'll glance at any of the rescuers waiting with him, before ducking inside, quickly trying to survey the area as he sticks to the walls.

The supers could handle the goddess. His only focus is on finding the hostages, fast.]

[You'd all better hope this ballroom was heavily insured, with the way it looks at this point. Holes in every corner of the ceiling, floor, walls (and in some of the people there too), debris piled everywhere, and a bunch of heroes nearly at the end of their ropes.


[WHEN DID A CAMERA MAN WHAT- While she's distracted, Allen will take an aim at Isis and shoot out some ribbons in order to catch her. If they can get her tied up maybe they can get that amulet off her]

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