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019 ♕ The Fury of the Gods [action] | closed
♕ i looked up and i saw the moon
servesisis wrote in paradisa
[Isis is not a very happy goddess at this point.  Nobody's been able to tell her where the heart of Osiris is, she's learned that pesky fail!vessel Clark is around here somewhere, and others are claiming that she's been trapped here at the whim of a sentient building and can't leave. 

Yeah, she's not on board with that.

But simple logic drives her to a solution: if the castle itself is alive and imprisoning her, obviously there's one way out that's foolproof - destroying said castle.

Sound godly logic.  Right?

... maybe not in Paradisa, but she doesn't know that.  So away she goes on a rampage of destruction.  What brave souls will stand in her way?    Or try and fail miserably :') ]

[Aghhh apologies for comm-spamming, but I wanted to get this up since it'll take awhile to tag through, and I want to keep this loss moving.  Please do not start new threads below: I will break the post into starter threads, labelled by who & where.  This post is closed to people who have signed up here.  You are still free to do so if you'd like to fight Isis one on one!  Havoc is mod-approved.

If I forgot a thread, please poke me about it.  :D]

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Outside Insolitus > Outside | Karen Starr

[Following on Sam's hint about where treasures might be hidden, Isis has headed in the direction of Insolitus, buuut she knows it's probably a trap and that just pisses her off more. 8| MAYBE SHE'LL JUST DESTROY THE SUCKER AND BE DONE WITH IT.

That sounds like fun.

She stands outside the door, and raises one hand----]

[ and not even half a second later, there is karen standing beside her, with her hand grasping isis!lois' wrist. just with enough strength to keep her from doing something stupid. ]

I don't think so.

[Isis simply looks over at her incredulously like "BITCH YOU DID NOT JUST--"]

I do not take orders from mortals.

Outside the Library | Bruce Wayne

[Big fat library on the fifth floor, eh? Well, if the castle's a living thing, then maybe the library, center of knowledge, functions as its brain.


Except she gets interrupted outside the doors fja;flaj damn mortals.]

aaaaand he's going to get his ass handed to him FUN TIMES

[ Damn right she gets interrupted. Bruce comes out of the shadows in the full Batman costume, looking pissed. ]



You would be wise to stay out of my path, mortal.

Inside the Library | Gabriel & Yuki Nagato

[ONE BAT-FAIL LATER, Isis shoves open the doors to the library and stalks in only to... stop. And stare.

What. The fuck, Gabriel.]

[Yeah, Gabriel figured out pretty quickly what was going on here, so given he's... The resident god expert and an Isis is one of his seven million evil exes, he has to... Work some of that black magic again.

...The same black magic that got him blood-bound to Kali. DETAILS. Isis just needs to forget about Osiris for, like... Ten seconds. And he can make her do that. Hopefully, longer.

...He's not sure why he tailed her to the library, of all places, but here he is. The castle has provided some ambient lighting and roses because Gabriel sucked up his pride and asked. Also, for some reason he's wearing Clark Kent glasses and just leaning against a bookshelf, wiggling his eyebrows seductively.

....yeah. This is happening.]

What is the meaning of this?

[She's just going to... keep staring.]

The Ortus Tower | Arthur & Stephanie Brown

[Ok, that was disappointing. She's going to make herself feel better by taking out one of the towers on this thing, preferably one that isn't guarded by some god-mod robot girl.

This one looks nice.

For now. >:)]

[HEY, THAT'S HER TOWER. Girl, you best back off.

At least she wasn't in her room.]


[No. Right.]


[Well, she's feeling all sorts of screwed right now.]

[After he'd heard about the creepy possessed girl, he'd pretty much just been making the rounds of the castle, the same as everyone else and depending on your view, it's either pure dumb luck or unfortunate circumstances that he walked this hall that this exact moment.

...Why are possessed people such inappropriate dressers D:

...Because greeting her politely, is the correct response. [He's very helpful]

The Satis Tower | Eva McDowell & Chie Satonaka

[Guess who's flying around the outside of the tower, shooting it with giant balls of magical destructo-energy?

This guy.]

[ after hopping out of eva's time castle, chie DEFINITELY feels all that ]

Whoa, what the----? [ quickly turns to eva ] Did we miss something?! [ running to eva's window ] What's going on?!

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The Lobby | Adell & Azure Kite

[Cripes, her head is still pounding from that last encounter, which is an annoying and new sensation that she doesn't like. >:(

Best remedy for a headache: blasting a hole through the wall of the building into the lobby, because doors are for squares.]

[going out for a bit of training was Adell's orginal plan. Not like he was good at planing anyways.

Or that life had still designated as a Freak Magnet. Either way, that blast knocks him over but he gets up quite quickly.]

What the hell?!

[Isis marches through the hole, a hand raised to blast debris aside telekinetically.


[and here is the SOS brigade~ Kite takes in the utterly destroyed lobby and second floor, beaten up guy on the ground, and floating goddess still most likely destroying shit, it doesn't take the AI much to determine what happened.

A soft blue fire begins to surround the AI and he summons the Empty Skies. When he speaks, Kite's voice is horse as hell but something out of a horror flick.]

What are you doing?

[Oh yeah, she's still... tearing shit up over here.]

Destroying this thing.

Dining Room | Peter Parker

[Guess who's not giving their compliments to the cook :|

Man, who let me write these? Lo!Isis is coming into a dining room near you. Watch out.]

(Deleted comment)
[Making sure the placemats stay safe from crime :|

Isis looks... up. Well. Mortals seem to get weirder every year.]

If you value your life, you will leave.

(Deleted comment)
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(Deleted comment)

Outside (in front of the castle) | Spike S. & Max G.

[Ut oh, goddess in the front yard. Whatever she's doing out there, it's probably not planting trees...]

LMFAO I love these descriptions... ahem /serious face

[Fancy running into you out here. He thought he'd heard some commotion around the castle, and there's Lois again. Didn't they say something about 'staying away from her'?

He thinks about it for a second, then stomps out a cigarette and strolls over, casual as can be.]

No luck?

[She turns slowly. Her pissed expression says it all.]

This castle will be destroyed, so that I may continue my search.

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