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I: An Unusual Introduction
liadrin wrote in paradisa
--what the--

[Liadrin briefly breathes out a confused stream of Thalassian while wide, unnaturally radiant green eyes scan the lobby of the castle as a child would take in their first few images of something foreign; her breathing is slow, awed to say the least.

Heavy, armor-plated boots take a cautious step forward, and she pauses as her foot makes contact with the journal at her feet. The elf's ears flatten against the sides of her head as her gaze falls upon it before perking fully forward curiously. Her fingers grasp its cover in one hand, ornate halberd pressed against the floor with the other. In fact, Liadrin is-- despite her wonder at the castle-- a rather peculiar sight herself; a slender, elegantly poised creature covered almost completely in armor that looks more suited to someone much more...imposing.

A teleportation spell, perhaps? I wonder if this belongs to the mage that cast it.  [Warmth, flowing softly from the tips of her fingers, seeps into the pages as she thumbs through them.]  Most certainly not one of the Sin'dorei-- this architecture is far too human.

[She glances up once more, this time searching for someone with some answers, the charm of it all slowly wearing thin without a host to welcome her. Poor etiquette, to say the least. Her voice is clear and demanding as she calls out, echoing through the halls as well as simultaneously bleeding though to the journal.] This is Lady Liadrin, leader of the Blood Knights, guardian of the Sunwell. Why have you summoned me?

...And where in the name of the Light am I?

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[A princess?

Now that was unexpected, though perhaps not as much as the journal itself being the method of communication. Her eyes narrow and she lifts one of the pages, tugging at it before refocusing on the conversation.

--wait, did she just say the castle was to blame?

...Apologies, Princess, but I'm afraid you've lost me. This castle is the one that called me here? How is such a thing even possible?

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[The voice is faintly familiar, only a touch, but if anything, the Thalassian rolling off her tongue allows Sylvanas' attention to be caught. Very much so.]

Lady Liadrin?

[Was she not dreaming about her the otehr night?]

[And Thalassian in turn is what instantly draws Liadrin's curiosity. She finds herself leaning a bit closer to the book in her hands.]

Sinu a'manore.
Do I know you...?

[Had she been mistaken? Her reveries were very much blurry now that she was conscious.

For but a second, Sylvanas feels as though she had heard the voice incorrectly, but a quick gaze upon the pages only confirms her presence.]

Forgive me, I've yet to witness the arrival of one from Azeroth, let alone one from Quel'Thalas.

It is I, Sylvanas Windrunner. [She's hesitant, as if she thinks all Quel'dorei worth theri salt should know of her, but then again... She did know that there were time differences and losses to consider.]

/uses least appropriate icon

[ the following is dictated over the journal ]

I'm afraid nobody's summoned anyone.

As for where you are... welcome to Paradisa. It's a castle in a completely different world.

/votes it the best icon ever

Hmm, so I've begun to understand.

[She pauses, rubbing at the underside of her chin.] I take it you are not of this realm either?

That's right. I'm from Earth, a country called America.

[ though to be technical, he was trapped in a magic book when he was actually brought to Paradisa ]

[He's getting a sense of deja-vu when he sees Liadrin striding through the lobby, though in truth he doesn't really remember last night's dreams too vividly.]

--Another one, eh.

[Her brow furrows as she meets his stare.]

Excuse me?

[Coming down the stairs to this sight is not what she had expected in the slightest. Her heart had leaps with joy at the arrival of another elf from her home for but the briefest of moments before her ears pick up the words being spoken. It's then that it tightens, and she seethes.

A blood elf.

She doesn't need to hear any more about her to know that she wants nothing further to do with her, blue eyes narrowing at those green-tainted eyes in disgust. There's a hint of familiarity in her appearance, but Vereesa pushes it aside.]

No one has summoned you. ["And I doubt that anyone here likely would." But she keeps those words to herself.]

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[Liadrin, however, recognizes her and closes the distance between them, ignoring the obvious contempt held in Vereesa's voice, in her expression. She bows her head just slightly in greeting.]

Lady Windrunner. It seems almost too long since I last saw you, even if you do not remember.

I am glad to see you are well still.

/sneaks tags at work because ilu :3c

[That she is greeted by name with such kindness does little to quell her feelings. In fact, it only adds to her frustration. It's difficult to be rude to someone who shows politeness despite Vereesa's attitude.

But even though she had somewhat tuned her out when she'd initially mentioned her name, she cannot escape the fact that this is someone she should know--or would have known--from days long past.]

You will forgive me. It has been quite some time, and many of the names and faces of Sin'dorei have been left in the past.

[Oh what the fuck is this? First, Sylvanas is here and free, next its Deathweaver proclaiming his fall, and now this woman talking about guarding the Sunwell and some order he'd never heard of.

Even Arthas, who has often practiced false control, cracks under his own irritation at the situation. What the fuck was Paradisa trying to pull?]

Hmph. The Sunwell. The only piece of your wooded hole that was worth anything.

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[Her right eye twitches just slightly.]

Silvermoon's glory was ever owed to the Sunwell, but that does not make it worthless in any way. Who are you to say such falacies?

[-Ping. Those were a lot of interesting words Turalyon just heard over the journal, not least of which are "sin'dorei" and "Blood Knights" and "Light." He isn't sure he trusts these Blood Elves, not with their lot thrown in with the Horde, but he's willing to give this elf a chance and speaks through the journal.]

And so Paradisa claims another from Azeroth. Well met, Lady Liadrin.

[The mention of Azeroth, of home, is enough of a connection to warm the tone of her voice.]

Well met. I must admit it's a relief to know I'm not alone in this.

...In fact, it seems to be quite common.

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that art is gawjuss * __ *

[ what perks him? the mention of Light like a god. since... Arthas and the others do it all the time.

tentatively speaking up ]

< No one's really sure why exactly we're here -- just that we'll be here for a long time. >

I suppose I've no choice but to make the best of it. Have you much experience with this place?

/watches your DA like a creep......

< Um, a little bit. I've been here for about a year but there are people who've been here longer than me. >

[As with the other Azerothians in this place, it is at first the Thalassian that draws Alleria's attention. Next, of course, is the mention of the Sunwell and the sin'dorei -- was that not the name that the fel-tainted had chosen, according to Vereesa?

But ... that voice is familiar, and after the name is spoken, she knows why. How strange, that she would just dream about her the night before ...]

Priestess. Welcome, I suppose, to our mutual imprisonment.

[Liadrin chuckles softly, plate-tipped gauntlet pressed against her cheek.]

Yes, I suppose that is the most appropriate phrasing I've heard all day.

[A pause. --Priestess? That is no coincidence; only someone familiar with the Quel'dorei would know such a thing.]

You are from Quel'thalas.

As are you. Though I believe we're from somewhat different time periods, if your name for your people is any indication. This place likes to do that, you see.

I am from shortly after the Second War. And you?

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