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015 ♕ Voice | an important PSA
| i broke the angel gabriel's nose once
loisfuckinglane wrote in paradisa
[Filtered to those she talked about the library books with / any current castle resident interested in the missing books]

So, I jumped the gun and sort of went ahead and tried to get those books out of the castle. 

No dice.

I asked for specific titles, new copies, old copies, any copies, and it wouldn't pay up anything.   Which has implications of its own.  Apparently it's the castle that doesn't want us getting our hands on them... or whoever's in control of the castle.  But the books used to be here, so does that mean it changed its mind?  Or did something happen?

It's something to think about, at least.

[Filtered to Kara]

Lord knows I'm not usually first in line to ask around for help, but... I need some advice on something.

[Filtered to Smallville]

Looks like I'm short one date to the Christmas ball.  Care to rectify that, Mr. Kent?


With only a week or whatever left of these damn birds (hopefully at least) I'm going to put out a public service announcement:

Anybody who uses those things in a premeditated scam to take advantage of other people better hope I don't find out about it.  Or you'll get to find out the hard way how hard I can hit.

... spoiler: it's pretty hard.

[Filtered to Crowley]

You can't hide forever.


On a cheerier note, who's going to this big Christmas shebang?  ... They don't have a history of ending in bloodshed or forced orgies, do they?

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How long have the books been missing? Do you know?

At least since here. [#]

Yes I can, just watch me.

Oh wait, you can't. Because I'll be hiding.

Sounds like a fun way to spend your holidays.

Damn, called out before I even got to put the plans into action. Looks like I'll have to think of something else.

[ JOKING... which should be obvious by his tone ]

You know those little warnings on the side of products like 'don't insert this hair curler in your mouth when hot'?

They're there because someone proved stupid enough to try it already, at least once.

This is one of those situations.

I don't know how I feel about a room full of people and the possibility of a bird getting stuck in there. Can you imagine the chaos? The kissing? It'd be like a massacre. A lip massacre.

Hence why I'm not going without somebody I want to kiss in the first place along, just in case.

Maybe that's the castle's entire MO. It's just one big voyeur.

I really hope it's nothing to do with forced orgies.

I'll let you off easy this time.

It's actually about ... Christmas.


I fully endorse that message.

[ and ohhh, she sounds a touch unsure ]

Lois... right?

Edited at 2010-12-20 12:50 am (UTC)


[It takes her a moment... Chloe's her loss, so she's only got hearing her talk a few times here to go on.]

Er, Chloe-?

Remind me not to get on your bad side.

[Teasing] It would be in your best interests to keep me happily fatted on coffee and donuts.

[Luckily, that kind of crisis is an easy fix. Amused:]

Lois Lane, will you go to the Christmas ball with me?

I think I could make time in my busy schedule.

Those books were one of the last open and available leads on the kidnapping case, too.

This could open up the possibility of the power behind the castle having something to do with the kidnappings again.

Looks that way to me. [She's not going to say anything remotely resembling 'I guess I was wrong' out loud though. Good luck with that one.]

Which makes us extra-screwed when it comes to investigating.

It forced us to make out with strangers. I'm really not putting anything past it at this point.

Don't sound so excited.

About the party or KO'ing kissing bandits?

I knew I liked you.

[Books Filter]

Is it certain they were there at all? Has anyone read them?

... Good question. I wonder how we'd find out. Is there a record of who's checked things out?

[Missing books filter]

[she's just going to write in this page number, since people keep bringing it up]

I haven't heard from Wesley in awhile. Are we sure he's still here?

[Missing books filter] - So late sorry!

If I may offer a theory. If the books were in fact taken from the castle by someone or someones...I believe a group from the Dead Zone was suspect?...might it be that the castle doesn't not have the power to summon something from that area?

[Missing books filter] - FFT that's not late at all!

... wow, and there's a glaringly obvious theory that somehow totally escaped me.

There was also a man named Giles who was a librarian working there when I first arrived, but he's been gone some time.

In any case, the castle's never failed to make a duplicate of a known item that wasn't involved in someone's permanent loss for me before, but it will fail in producing an item that simply doesn't exist. Whether that applies in this case is yet to be seen.

Looks like we need a new one. Barbara said she'd be willing to, if someone helped her.

Someone mentioned the possibility that the only copy might be in the Dead Zone. Maybe the castle can't reach them.

[...there's just silence here for awhile, except for the occasional tap of a pen against the journal. Maybe the sound of someone breathing... He's sort of hesitant to start talking to anyone he hasn't already spoken to a few times, and if he knew the Bat was here, he wouldn't say anything at all. But eventually he mutters rather absentmindedly: ]

It'd help if we knew where they were from...

[Innocent] It's like you have no faith in people.

[Not that he was using the doves. He wants the doves far away from him.]

Too bad not everyone around here's exactly 'people'.

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