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blog seventy-four
oh baby it's cold outside
bro_codebreaker wrote in paradisa
[Barney's not only dismantling the kissing booth from last week ... he's burning it. out in the back of the castle grounds. and roasting marshmallows over it, with the journal propped open next to him on a folding chair in the snow.

he's also hoping that the smoke will keep the doves away. a couple of those kisses brought up memories he was trying actively to avoid by constructing said booth, after all. after a little bit of introspection, he decides to stop trying to shove them away, and roll with it]

Hey. It's a weird question to ask, this time of year, I know, but. Humor me, people...

... Any of you know any good stories about mermaids? Besides the one with the talking seagull and the fork and stuff. Obviously.

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Mermaids? What about that movie "Splash"?

Ha, I almost forgot about that one. Haven't seen it in forever... but yeah, Darryl Hannah was definitely awesome.

Yeah...I had an unfortunate...um...loss. Kinda stayed in my room for awhile.

Darryl Hannah was definitely awesome. Very hot.

Dude, Article 151: A bro always divulges the details of his losses with his other bros, so that they may offer him a consolatory brew.

[oh...the brocode...oh dear...]

....I was in my ex-girlfriend's body for a week? In the...not hot way?

Ohhhh, the dreaded bodyswap variation on the CHICK loss? Okay, that's not just a beer, that's worth a sixpack and shots. AND a cigar.

Yeah it....wasn't fun. [it's kinda hard to mack when you're a hot girl!]

Beer good...cigar....um. I know they're manly and everything, but...they just make me cough. I could pretend to smoke one with you?

Just holding on to it is awesome enough. You just have to have, like, an extra beer to compensate.

So...get extra drunk and I'll still be awesome?

When will this drinking and manliness-time take place?

Whenever you want it to, bro.

Okay. I'll let you know.

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