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014 ♕ when i caught myself | i had to stop myself
| jimmy fell down a well?!
loisfuckinglane wrote in paradisa
[Really, Victorian-wear isn’t the strangest sort of outfit Lois has ever worn, and other than the constricting corset, she kind of enjoys the dress up angle of Paradisan Christmas.

Not that she’ll ever admit that anytime in the next century.

In her deep red ruffle-backed dress, you might think she'd look the picture of grace, but ... this is Lois, and so she’s got the petticoats hiked up, bunched in her fists, as she makes her way hurriedly up the steps in a decidedly undignified fashion. Her journal, tucked in the crook of her arm, manages to slide its way free of her tentative hold and goes tumbling down the stairs behind her, landing open down below. Lois reaches for it too late, the skirts falling back around her ankles, and she manages to step directly on the fabric as she takes a step in the direction of the journal, almost sending herself careening down the stairs after it. She grabs onto the railing and swings herself towards the wall, but lands hard on her butt anyways, with an awkward leg dangling out over the steps as she tries to catch her breath, which is not incredibly fun, thanks to that corset.

The picture of grace, indeed.  

Rolling her eyes up towards the ceiling, she notices the birds perched a little higher up on the railing and lets out a groan.]

If anybody so much as thinks about pooping on me right now, so help me, you turtle doves won't be seeing any days of Christmas.

[She mutters to herself as she hoists herself back up unceremoniously to her feet, dusting herself off and scooping the journal up.]

Though I guess it's better than the rabid turkeys.

[ooc; open for spam or voice, and for kisses, planned or unplanned]

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[ Caroline has mastered her petticoats in general (and is a graceful vapmire) and is currently making her way up the stairs. She does miss elevators and if the castle has them, she hasn't seen one. She hears Lois' fall. Recognizing her voice, she peers upward before zipping up the flight she has left. Crouching down, she stares at Lois. ]

Are you all right?

[Oh great, and people had to see that spectacular display.]

I'm fine. [She pats her dress down with a little bit of unnecessary force, before looking up at Caroline with a frown.]

Were you here the whole time? [She glances around in confusion.] I could have sworn...

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[Larry just wants to go to his room. That's all he wants. But as he's going up the stairs he suddenly sees all of THIS coming at him. At first he lurches to help, but then he sees her trying to catch herself, so he jumps out of the way and plasters himself against the railing on the other side of the steps.]

[he's looking on to see if she's okay, but he's not moving yet. He wants to make sure she has her footing. He wants to be in one piece after this encounter]

...are you okay?

I enjoy the multi-thread implication that this happened several times while she scaled the steps

[She's finnnne, but her pride's not.]

Just great. [Her gritted teeth are audible.]

Those little fuckers are everywhere, aren't they?

The castle doesn't really know how to do anything by halves.

[ Kara was going to fly over and offer a hand up when she saw Lois fall, but. Well. Lois had gotten to it first, so she's just going to float on over. In borrowed pants and shirt from Dick and Jono. ]

I've got an extra pair of pants if you want them. They're probably not as warm as the legions of skirts, but they're easier to move in.

[But Kara, pants = admitting defeat 8| ]

I'm not having problems moving. I just missed a step.

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[He's wandering around with his turtledove in a cage]

I don't know, I thought the turkeys were pretty funny.

[Such an ass, Crowley.]

And why does that not really surprise me?

[A beat.] What's with Tweety?

[ we'll... pretend this is after her skirt fiasco so it's not ajfklaakl /SAVES AGAIN. annnyyways, she'll be at the top of the stairs, sitting on the railing in some trousers and frilly dress shirt and just staring up at the turtle doves

but seein' Lois makes her ssmillle :3 ]

I thought there wasn't wildlife around here. Or maybe they just flew down for the winter.


I'm glad they traveled all this way just to make our holidays a little more irritating.

[Jilly missed her tumble, but is making a rather hurried ascent, herself. Her skirts are wet from playing (and falling in) the snow, but right now she just looks focused. She wants to get to her room, thank you]

[Lois hears someone rumbling up the steps behind her and glances backwards, her previous encounters put her more than a little bit on edge.

Thankfully, it's just Jilly, and she looks a little relieved as she smiles.]

Where's the fire?


[ akihiko comes out from a corner when he hears her and approaches -- not that he has much of a choice either. he glances upwards, glossing over the turtledoves. weird, where did they come from? ]

Why don't you just get some pants?

[ as for aki, he's in a victorian sweater vest (hurp durp) and trousers. moving is easy in these, thank god. ]

[Oh crap, not another one. Her eyes widen slightly and she very slowly turns her head in that direction. There has to be a way to forestall this bizarre process. Think of the children Clark, or... alternately, someone severely unkissable.

Her awkward attempts at rigidly controlling every muscle in her body probably make her look like Victorian Robocop as she turns more fully towards him.]

Because I'm doing just fine in these. I can handle a dress.

[He moves to join her. Don't smile, Clark, that's mean.]

You know, there are alternatives to all the ruffles.

[Oh hello massive waves of guilt alarm.]

Didn't know you were an expert on women's fashion, Smallville.

[Ezio is elegantly dressed in a nice jacket and pants, complete with a top hat. He's also heavily armed as he's managed to get his leather sword-belt and throwing knives and all his gear to agree with this castle's sense of dress. Including his shoulder cape.]

You should be more careful with the stairs.

[He's all charming smile and going to make his way over.]

Maybe the stairs should be more careful with me.

[Gabriel saw the whole thing. He's a jerk. And has not noticed the birds yet. He has to get his daily dose of schadenfreude in or he'll explode.]

Hm. So that's the part of Cinderella they don't tell anyone about.

It's in the Grimm version.

[Picks up the journal, flapping it by one cover]

Think you dropped this.

... Thanks. [Oh crap, there's no way to grab it from him without... getting close to him akdfa;f.] Just uh... put it on the step there and I'll get it. [That sounds so ridiculous.]

[somewhere... at some point, Lois will run into Jo]

Oh, man. I'm sorry. [that was literal running into, courtesy of Jo being more concerned about the billions of layers]

I should've paid more attention to where I was going.

And I should've seen the giant billowing target heading my way. No harm, no foul. [Dusts herself off.]

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