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013 ♕ let the stars stand as witness to it all
| clark | everything disappears
loisfuckinglane wrote in paradisa
[It'd been hard to catch a spare moment this last month, as if everything had just been waiting for things to fall in line between her and Clark to start exploding.  Heck, if her plans hadn't fallen through, she would have been gone for an entire month or so on that trip into the Dead Zone, and, she realized now, missed spending the holiday with him.  As much as she'd wanted to make the trip, after what had happened out in Mineas Well, she had a feeling it wouldn't have ended well anyways.

And now that she'd shaken off Lorne's compulsion to think she was an over dramatic detective (which she was fine with never talking about, thanks), she was more than happy to put all her investigations aside for the night and make private time with Clark a priority.

When he'd first told her who and what he was, she'd put herself on semi-lock-down about flooding him with too many questions, not wanting to spoil their first night together with the Spanish Inquisition.  But there were still so many thing she didn't know...  and she wanted to understand him, for him to feel like he could tell her anything.

Despite it having been over a month since they admitted their feelings for each other, she still felt butterflies as she waited for him to arrive, brushing on some extra makeup and finally dropping her journal in a drawer of a desk so she wouldn't be tempted to keep one eye on it.   When she heard his knock, she smiled to herself, and added in her other earring.]

Door's open, Smallville.

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[He lets himself in, and when his eyes fall on her he feels more relaxed. It's been a few crazy weeks, and brief little moments together amidst all the madness don't really sink in the way a quiet night together does.]


[He moves to her with a smile.]

You look beautiful.

[She smiles back, rising out of her seat to meet him, arms winding around his waist.]

Flattery will get you everywhere, you know.

[He moves his arms around her, too, drawing her close.]

Will it, now?

On a good day.

[She bites back her widening smile for a second, as she scans his face and raises an eyebrow at him pointedly.]

But you're welcome to test your luck any day.

So if I were to say that you're perfect and there's no one else I'd rather spend my time with...? [smile.]

I'm pretty sure that'll earn you at least one of these. [Her lips brush against his with a teasing smile, and she gives him a lingering kiss, that ends on a happy sigh.] Can I get away with saying I've missed you, even if we haven't gone anywhere?

[He lets that kiss break off, but he keeps close after it.]

Given how much time we've both spent running around after kidnappings and stories and rescue missions, I think it's warranted. I've missed you too.

I guess no one ever said life in a sentient castle was gonna be easy.

How's the rest of your day been?

After the dragon, a couple spats and Thanksgiving plans, it probably evens out. How about yours?

Unsurprisingly, I wasn't in a very social mood today. I'll probably have to deal with damage control over Lorne's... mystical mumbo jumbo eventually, but I spent most of it catching up on what happened at the Well.

I was going to ask about that, but quite a few people were getting similarly... over the top.

What do you think of it all, potentially evil grannies aside?

I still think it's fishy that they found everyone there - and if they followed us, then I feel like we have a responsibility to make sure she's okay. Evil or not.

Has anyone heard back from her yet?

Not that I'm aware of, but no one ever saw smoke on the horizon, so I assume they didn't start any forest fire. It'd take days to get back there, wouldn't it?

Probably and--

Waitaminute, did you say dragon? [Yeah, that just sunk in.]

[... Oh, Lois. He smiles.]

Yes, a dragon. She showed up and was a bit freaked out.

And I'm thinking... freaked out dragon is no fun for anybody.

Did you, er... calm it -- her -- down at all?

Iron Man and I asked her to land and we escorted her to where she wouldn't land on something or freak someone out more. She's pleasant enough –– just confused.

Hopefully just confused about what she's doing here, right, and not who to breathe fire on?

She has some sort of sixth sense. I don't know what it is, exactly, but apparently there's something evil in the city that spooked her. Apparently it can't be described in English.

In the city ... meaning not our old pals Arthas and Riful. Well, isn't that just eight shades of comforting.

Another day, another evil crisis to deal with.

[She grabs him by the belt loops and turns him around as she talks.] But I imagine all those things will be there tomorrow too. How about that flight you promised?

Mmhmm. Just another day in Paradisa.

[He moves with her, smile coming back.]

Yeah. You ready?

[She releases him and turns to grab her coat off the back of her chair, drawing it on.]

Now I am.

Good. [Grin] Want to take the window, or the front door?

Doors are for squares. And girls with boyfriends who can't fly.

Plus you get that sneaking-out-after-curfew kick.

[He goes to the window and opens it, hopping out and seeming to "stand" on thin air on the other side.]

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