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009 ♕ [voice/spam] | dead zone departure
| up in your shit like nancy drew
loisfuckinglane wrote in paradisa
FORWARD DATED TO TOMORROW as the date changed for the trip:

[Apparently, today's the day the Dead Zone trip is pulling out.  It makes the fact that festivities celebrating Day of the Dead seem to have reached a peak last night feel a little bit ironic.]

]  Gee, we even got our own sending off party.   It could have done with a few less skulls though.

[Clark; dated today]

It sort of got thrown at me yesterday that we're leaving... tomorrow.  I looked for you, but I guess you had something going on, since I couldn't find any trace of you all day.  I put Shelby back in your room though.  I'm not sure how she got out, but you might want to keep your door locked.   [An awkward pause, as she realizes that now he knows she saw his, er, shrine.]   

Anyways, I was hoping I could see you before we go.  [She was actually hoping they could spend last night together, but Clark's games of hide and go seek are really driving that plan into the ground.]

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Headed off already?

Think of 'em as good luck charms. An extra few sets of eyes watching out for you.

Just a heads up that the date changed so the post is forward dated now :>

No time like the present, I guess.

... That's either comforting or creepy. Not sure yet.

Yeah, you're gonna need to get used to that particular dichotomy. It'll come up a lot.

Watch your back out there.

If I don't, Clark'll just kill me when I get home, so don't worry.

Please. He wouldn't kill a mosquito if it bit him in the ass.

Ok, well he'd at least be grumpy, which, when dealing with Clark, is way worse to deal with than a murderous rampage would be.

I've been dealing with him long enough to know the score.

What's a party without reminders of depressing issues in the form of equally ironic decorations though?

[ yyeah her jokes. are failing today. ): dis thing sucks ]

Just a heads up that the date changed so the post is forward dated now :>

I'll pass on the irony, thanks. I get enough of that.

Oh, goody. More for me then.

Must've left my excitement at the door.

Did you get stuck with one of those masks today?

Nope. And I'm not complaining, definitely.

[Together? Like this?]

I'd love to, Lois, but that might not be a good idea.

Thanks for getting Shelby, though. I appreciate it.

[So insecure, Clark. Maybe she likes you for what's on the inside.

Ok, no, the makeup's pushing it.

Meanwhile, Lois will be over here feeling like she's pissed you off forever now.]


... Then I suppose I'll see you when I... get back. [She tries to keep her voice nice and even and void of disappointment and doubt. Yeah. Totally casual, over here.]

Edited at 2010-11-02 08:20 pm (UTC)

[He pauses. That "totally casual" voice is never natural.]

This whole Day of the Dead thing has just gotten to me, that's all. I'll see you off if I can.

[Oh right, Clark's crazy guilt shack.]

... I saw that. [Or at least, what she -thinks- he's talking about. Her tone changes now, genuine sympathy creeping in.] I'm sorry, Clark.

If you wanted to talk to someone about it, I've got my packing done, and I'm more than willing to lend an ear. But if not, I'll-- talk to you tomorrow.

Again, I'd love to, but it's a little bit more complicated than that.

Meaning what exactly?


Don't worry about it. I'm fine.

You're 'fine', but not 'fine' enough to see me for all of five minutes. There's something you're leaving out here.

[She's a sharp one, that Lois Lane.]

I just don't want to freak you out, Lois.

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