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001 - voice;
[Attitude] PUPPY, [Krypto] Not so good at this secret ID
ihavettk wrote in paradisa
I had this dream before. But I wasn't wearing pants and there was a math test I hadn't studied for.

No, seriously, what's going on? Cause whoever it is that kidnapped me, man, you are so toast.

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[... And here she goes. Told you she couldn't stay quiet for long. ;;]

... So how do you know Kara and Clark?

Uh, Kara's my cousin and I was cloned from Clark? Sorta... thought you knew.

[...that's Lois, right? Doesn't Lois know who he is?]

...does this mean I'm your loss?

I'm Superboy. Kon-El. Conner. You know, the Kid of Steel? Master of tactile telekinesis?

Seriously, Lois? Nothing?

And how do you know me, exactly?

Cause you're married to Clark?

...or not and I just realized that maybe I'm not your loss and I haven't been made yet and there's time travel and all that stuff...

[He realizes, suddenly, that she may not know who Clark is. And he may have just completely blown it.]

See, I'm half human and half Kryptonian. So I'm cloned from Clark and Superman.

Keywords, Kon, keywords.

[She's not sure whether that makes less sense than anything else he's said so far or ... more sense. She's not really sure of a whole lot right now, to be honest. She'll just staaaaaare before adding:]

I already know what my loss is. Which means it's not you.

Why in the hell would somebody clone Clark?

He can't get high unless there's ~magic kryptonite~ involved!

Cause you can't clone a pure kryptonian and he's got good DNA? I don't know, I'm the clonee, not the cloner.

Re: He can't get high unless there's ~magic kryptonite~ involved!

[Trainwreck. This is a trainwreck, and all he can do is sit there with slowly... watch it unfold. But then we need damage control.]

Kon, I'm just going to ask that you stop this conversation right here.

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And maybe you could pick up where he's leaving off.

...Oh, is that my girlfriend calling? Really gotta fly. Been fun catching up!

[Awkward silence, for a beat.]

I would really rather not talk about this over the journal. Where are you?

In the lobby. Though maybe we should take this somewhere else.

Where did you have in mind?

How about that roof you like so much?


[Just going to be here, fretting.

There it all goes. Fleeting as ever.]

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