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「EUTI - roses..」
merriment wrote in paradisa
[ okay, okay. you wake up in the middle of the night and find that not only are you even shorter than you were before you went to bed, but now you're not even human? plus, she didn't remember falling asleep in the lobby -- she's freaking out here! one would think that being a cat would automatically mean you're pretty nimble, right?

wrong, it's a total lie. in fact, while trying to navigate past the chairs and such in the lobby, she ends up skidding across the floor accompanied by the jingling of the bell on her collar. luckily enough, she comes to rest at the foot of the stairs rather gently and takes a moment to rise up on her back legs so she can rest her front paws on the first step. gulp. the stairs didn't look this intimidating when she was a kid! she drops back down on all fours again before letting loose a few pathetic, squeaky sounding mews.

there's no way she's going to be able to make it up all of the stairs. and, even if she does, she can't press the buttons in the elevator ]

[ooc; Woo-hoo, loss start. And so open. Feel free to spot this little damsel but mind your feet, she's tiny. ♥]

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[Hey, it's the smaller Wayne. The one who isn't as nice. The one who will just pick you up by the scruff and dangle you like some curiosity.]

Who leaves a baby cat lying around?

[ .. Oh! She wasn't expecting that at all and while it doesn't hurt, it kind of annoys her a little. She manages to look surprisingly irritated for a kitty as she moves to swat at his troll-y little face ]

[he holds her away from his face, glad he's wearing gloves.]

Nice try, cat. You'll have to try harder than that to land a hit on me.

[ She just kind of dangles there, looking thoroughly pathetic. Maybe she's a little relieved that it's this guy but she also knows he is a total brat and this isn't the form she wants to be in around him. After one more fruitless swipe, she opts to just kind of stare at him.

so.. sup? ]

[Damian narrows his eyes. Hmm...]

They say cats always land on their feet.

[ Totally unamused, she will land on her feet to spite you! Actually, probably not. She is still getting used to this tiny little body.

Have a not-so scary growl! ]

[He looks from the bottom of the stairs to the top, where the railing and balcony is, and then he looks at the cat.]

[ Nooooo!

She is going to try and cling to him. Drop her and she will give you a piece of her mind when she is human again! ]

[he holds onto her and starts walking up the stairs.]

[ Dead meat, you are dead meat!

She is just going to try and wriggle free from his hold, thanks. She won't feel bad if she claws him at this point. In fact, she is trying to bite him through those gloves now ]

[Ah, leather gloves, you are so useful to stop little baby teeth.

He figures he'll start only part of the way up, and if the cat lands on its feet, he'll catch it again and test it from higher.]

Stop fighting, you're going to land on your feet... if it's true.

[holding her over the edge of the railing.]

[And here comes Lois on her merry way, that gets instantly less merry the moment she sees this psychopath torturing little Garfield over there. She considers just kicking his legs out from under him, but she's afraid he'll drop the thing. So instead she just demands in her angriest tones:]

You're gonna wanna seriously reevaluate the very bad life choice you're about to make, before I re-evaluate it for you.

[ Oh-ho, you are so busted Damian. She actually manages to look quite smug despite her current position. Lois, you are her hero ]

[You would kick a ten year old? You monster.

Damian looks over, though he doesn't pull the kitten back behind the railing again. His expression sours.]

It's for science. I want to see if it'll land on its feet.

[Answer: yes. Yes she would.]

Yeah, somehow I think you left your doctorate at home. Science fair's over. Reel it in, Dennis the Menace. Make it snappy.

[ That's right, reel it in! Because more and more she is not liking these heights. In fact, after you bring her back over the edge, you can put her down too because she is so going to tell her big brother on you.

You know, because cats can totally talk. ]

[Damian glowers at her. That's how she's going to talk to him, huh?]

Or else what? I don't take orders from you. Mind your own business.

Or else it's bed time for Bonzo, even if I have to drag you kicking and screaming to get you there. Unless you'd rather try being dangled over that railing yourself for awhile.

For science.

[Lois Lane: such a way with children.]

[ SOB. Justinia just kind of curls up in a fail attempt to be further from the ground. She is still kind of hoping Lois can talk him out of this or she'll just reach over and pluck her out of the air.

That would be nice, too! Have another squeaky meow ]

[Keeping a level head when riled was never Damian's skill. He just leans a bit further, looks Lois dead in the eyes, and mimes like he's dropping her.]


[Ok, that's one step too far, you little terror. Her only reaction to that is going to be to move in suddenly, reach out as fast as she can and grab hold of his ear with one hand, while going for a death grip on the forearm holding the kitty with her other, and try to yank him back away from the railing. It's tough love.]

You asked for it.

[ OH GOD. .. wait, she didn't really fall. She is aiming for a death grip on that glove right now at the exact moment that Lois move in for the kill. That's right, Lois, you show this little twerp who is boss!

She would be cheering for her if she wasn't currently a kitten. Yes. ]

[Here's the problem when dealing with civilians: they're oh-so-easy to avoid, but if he cripples them, he's gonna be a lottttt of shit. The bigger problem is underestimating them. Who's gonna expect some hag to be that fast?]


[he pulls back, moving in and hoping she'll let go of his ear.]

Oww! Okay, okay!

[Lois scoops the cat up, still dragging Damian until he's safely far away from the railing, at which point, she lets him go, and resists the urge to smack him upside the head. For the moment.]

That's more like it. Now if I see any repeats of that little performance, you're gonna find out the hard way that some things dropped out a window don't bounce. Capice?

[ She's shaking like a little leaf when Lois grabs her but she's starting to calm down. Because really, she couldn't possibly be with a safer person right now. While she is talking to Damian, this kitty is going to look over at him and stick her tongue out.

That's right, this cat just silently neener neener'd you ]

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