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paradisa wedding bells - part 2/2
lovingguide wrote in paradisa

[The wedding is over, the vows have been said, and everyone has adjourned to the wonderful reception area for a night of fun, drinks and dancing.

There are tables lined with food of all sorts, and places to sit and enjoy... there's a bar, once more provided by Caritas, and a huge wedding cake. There's also a dancing floor... and a band made with those multi-talented ghosts.]

[ooc: Please wait for the sections to go up. ALL DONE! OPEN TO ALL! As of last time, please go CR MENTAL and threadjack one another like wild people...]

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[Nobody would have seen him at the ceremony, but hey, that doesn't mean he forgot about it. See him in the same blue suit he always wears, scoping out the room... which pretty much leads him to heading directly to the free bar.

Points for intent!]

[It's ok, Spike, that's where Lois keeps gravitating towards too, whenever Clark's looking the other way for more than two seconds. Watch her impressively down this entire glass before even noticing anyone else is there.

God, weddings are just a delight. :| ]

[Hey, the bar has to be there for a reason. Although it's been awhile since he's seen a woman take it all in one gulp; that brings back memories. He comes up to her side, peeking over the bar curiously.]

Anything good back there?

You know if you drink it fast enough, it's all not so bad.

[Still, she'll point out what Lorne gave her earlier.] These, though, definitely top shelf.

[He snatches up the bottle while nobody else is paying attention and gives it an appraising glance. With a shrug, he slips some into a glass, before he eventually turns to face her.]

Need a refill?

Hit me. As long as my warden doesn't see.

[If she's serious or not, he's sober enough to be discrete about filling up her glass, and probably more generously than the last one she had. Always such a gentleman.]

Which one's that?

[She tips it at him in thanks, grinning, and nodding back over her shoulder in the direction of said superstud.]

Clark Kent. The one doing double duty as my date.

[The name sounds vaguely familiar, but names like that tend to.]

Hard working guy. [Apparently on break. ... Then after his first drink, it comes to him.] The scientist, right?

Scientist? [Snort.] Not unless he's picked up some interesting new hobbies since the last time I saw him.

Maybe not. That was kind of an off week. [King of understatements.

Subject change while he sizes up the crowd--]
I'm surprised they made it this far without a riot breaking out. Lucky couple.

After the last wedding I went to, I consider very lucky anything that doesn't end with the bride getting carried off by King Kong.

Any giant monster would do as a suitable analogy, really.

[... He probably shouldn't say he would have enjoyed that more. Because he wouldn't. Obviously.]

Always the problem with royalty.

[Snerk.] Something like that.

[He takes another drink when he sees the people dancing. This was a great idea.]

First one I've been to. I can finally cross that off my list.

Sounds like you need a more exciting list.

I never expected to get this far down it.

You say that like you've accepted it's over.

[Sharp girl. Doesn't look like it bothers him though.]

Better than being in denial.

I've heard that some people have gone home. What makes you think your number won't be drawn?

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