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paradisa wedding bells - part 2/2
lovingguide wrote in paradisa

[The wedding is over, the vows have been said, and everyone has adjourned to the wonderful reception area for a night of fun, drinks and dancing.

There are tables lined with food of all sorts, and places to sit and enjoy... there's a bar, once more provided by Caritas, and a huge wedding cake. There's also a dancing floor... and a band made with those multi-talented ghosts.]

[ooc: Please wait for the sections to go up. ALL DONE! OPEN TO ALL! As of last time, please go CR MENTAL and threadjack one another like wild people...]

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[Lorne's here, offering delicious booze which is ALL FREE. Hmmm free booze]

[He's remembering a little incident at Chloe's engagement party.

Subtly steering Lois in other direction now.]

[Subtlety is lost on Lois Lane.

With a big plastic smile plastered on her face, because oh god, weddings, she still has PTSD, why did she agree to this:]

Clark, I think I need some kind of liquid refreshment in my system, stat. You want anything?


[Oh lord.]

Sure, I'll have a drink.

Great! Be right back. [And she flounces so quickly that there's no changing her mind, because she's on to you, Smallville.

She sliiiides up to the bar.]

[Yay, Lorne has a customer. Hi Lois, have a BRIGHT smile]

Well, hi there, Cupcake, what can I get you?

[Clark follows, hands in his suit jacket's pockets. Here we go...]

[Everything, Lorne. Everything.]

Something stiff for me and [a glance back at her escort] something a little more traditional for the orange belt, how about?

Coming right up, Peach Pie.

[Oh and it will be a beautifully strong drink, Lois. And Clark will get something Lorne gives to the newbies to drinking, complete with twirly straw and cocktail umbrella]

I didn't know you had a friend with such great taste in drinks, Clarkie. You should have brought her to Caritas sooner.

[He takes it. Pleasantly enough:]

Thanks, Lorne. This is my partner, Lois –– she's relatively new here and I don't think she's made a complete round of the bars yet.

Oliver and I only made a dent on my first round. [She grins and takes hers. This is going better already. Especially since Clark now has an umbrella drink.]

That looks right up your alley.

Well, it's a pleasure to meet you, Bumblebee. Feel free to come to Caritas any time you like.

[Thanks, Lois. He just mixes the drink around with the straw, plucking out the umbrella.]

I think that'd look good in your hair, Clark.

[She nods a thanks to Lorne.] Will do. [and steers Clark aside, speaking through her tight grin, in a low voice.] So, are all the bartenders around here quite so green?

[slight eyebrow raise -- very funny, Lois -- and he puts the umbrella in a nearby trash can as he follows her.]

Just this one. The only other green guy left a couple months ago.

I see. And I get the feeling it's asking a little much to assume it's just a skin condition.

[Puddle will just set up residence here, content with drinking from his flask and watching the happy couples dance.]

[Hi Puddle]

Enjoying the evening, Peaches?

[the nickname pulls a grimace from him, but he simply takes another drink from his flask before looking up] Well, no one's gone and made too big a fool of themselves yet, so I suppose it's an alright night. Still, it's probably only a matter of time.

It's a wedding, Honey. I'm just waiting for the conga to kick in, then we know the people making fools of themselves is gonna really happen.

[he has no idea what that is, but it fits his prediction so he'll just nod] a shame... be a pity to ruin such a fine idea.

Aww Sweetcakes, it won't ruin the celebration. That kind of grade-A wackiness only makes things more fun.

[arching an eyebrow] I fail to see how playing the fool would be encouraging to the honored couple. Especially in this place where foolishness is so often destructive.

Awww lighten up, Buddy. It's not that bad.

A very optimistic stance, sir. One can only hope it will hold up to the course of the night. [he sounds uncertain of that prospect]

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